Monday, August 31, 2009

right now…


right now:
+this is what my screen looks like
+just got a happy dose of “friend of the devil”
+it’s my brother’s birthday
+my mom is listening to a fresh baby cry - a baby born in her hallway
+warm laundry waiting to be folded on my couch
+daydreaming about what i’ll put in lacie’s package
+a little dizzy from twirling my baby – my seven month old baby
+my hair is curled – and NOT in a ponytail
+lukey is playing super hero’s… and his super hero’s sing
+i can’t find the stash of honey roasted peanuts i bought andrey for a snack – he must’ve taken them to work.
+craving a snitch of honey roasted peanuts
+i’m thinking about my pretty sisters
+trying to ignore my impulse to hit the road
+i realize that i am impulsive about alot of things



  1. nursing my babe + reading blogs...

    how, oh how did I miss your giveaway? boo.

  2. Enjoying the quiet in my house.

  3. I just took a warm bath and put on some lotion that is to help you sleep. Finally got my internet to link to another wireless user since mine is not set up yet. Hoping for a goodnight's sleep cause I'm in desperate need! I'm sad to have also missed your give away.

  4. *Sitting at school procrastinating homework.
    *Feeling bad that I didn't email Jeff or even call Maren for their birthdays.
    *Looking forward to reading Cathy's blog with the story of the baby born in the hallway.
    *Missing a small summer break at Cathy's visiting with my sweet cousin Lindsay, and listening to Lukey and Cameron talk about Super Mario and Donkey Kong.

  5. *presley is painting
    *jack is squirming
    *just watered all my plants
    *dreaming of a rusted sun lunch

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