Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Shop - by lovely lindsay

my mama sewed for me when i was little. jean overalls, clothes for my cabbage patch dolls, footed pajamas. i can remember the sound of crinkling patterns, the smell of the cotton and thread and the hum of her metal kenmore machine.

my obsession with fabric began when i was pregnant with lucas. the discovery of amy butler's nappy bag pattern and the new medium of designer cotton fabrics sent my heart fluttering. the endless online shops that held so many new prints that our local joann's could only dream about. there is nothing more satisfying to me than leaving a quilt shop, clear plastic shopping bag in hand. filled with new freshly folded yards of crisp cotton. i borrowed a sewing machine and got to work.
after this new discovery came the discovery of miss allyson hill and sweet jen of beebee mod. my dearest blogging friends. not only did they inspire me to begin this blogging journey but they inspired me with their well tuned skills and their flourishing etsy shops.

andrey snuck away and bought my first sewing machine girl for me. a christmas gift. he still laughs and shakes his head everytime we sit down for dinner next to my machine. he had no idea that he'd be sharing so much of his wife once she was purchased.
since then my fabric stash has grown to huge and my skills have been finely tuned by my crazy sense of perfection when it comes to stitching a straight line.
so here it is. the shop. the lovely lindsay shop. filled with my favorite fabric finds and sweet gifts i've stitched up just for you. a little hobby to fill my creative canteen and a place for you to purchase my goods. nothin' fancy. just lot's of crafty love.
enjoy, dear friends!
love, lin
dear danyelle, it's wednesday. midnight on the dot. how did i do?!

Monday, September 22, 2008

snips and snails and puppy dog tails... {part two}

::pregnant mama picture - month four. lucas jude month twenty-nine... and nekkid::

...that's what little boys are made of.
and blue and green and frogs and wooden block towers and fat bat baseball and striped socks and mama love. that's what little boys are made of.

we got a glimpse of our babe on saturday morning. arms and legs. chuggin' heart. little feets. kidneys... a gallbladder. baby nose. a glimpse of a life giving placenta and connecting cord.
a brother. my sons. a house full of boys. doesn't that sound fun?!
i felt different after that. after knowing more about who i was growing. a sense of relief at the sight of him growing happy and healthy.
now i'm free to daydream of handsome names and the adventures we'll have together. and four more months of growing boy.
i'm a lucky girl.
love, lin

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

bedtime stories

"...it has been said that guardian spirits watch over and protect small children, and that may be so. but there are also stories of children who find the courage to protect themselves. such is the story of hansel and gretel..."

we're here at my parents safe-house again. i just tucked lucas jude in. up the stairs and to the left is the sunny yellow guest room. the antique wrought iron bed. the flowing linen curtains. and my sweet boy. snuggled in safe. we read my new book tonight and cried sweet tears together when gretel nearly gave up.
we missed our daddy-love tucked in at home and talked about all the reasons we love him so. we sang the simple handful of lullabies together that i sing every night. the tried and true ones. only tonight he asked for a new one. i love my boy and his music-brain-bins.
i think i'll go tuck myself in, too. i'll open the window a crack so that we'll wake up bright and early to the morning songbirds again.

rock-a-bye baby it won't be long.
one magic kiss and a soft little song
sleepy head eyes and a great big yawn, too.
goodnight, i love you.
"one magic kiss" -brandi carlile

what did you sing tonight?
loves, lin

Monday, September 8, 2008

rock-a-bye baby... in the tree top


feeling the little bebe flutter and squirm has got goodies on my mind:

1. handmade burp cloths from etsy 2. crocheted booties by amy of she knits 3. snuggly sling by serena and lilly 4. mod wooden blocks by petit flaneur 5. sweet oobee by leslie of onegirl 6. owl onesie by kit+lili 7. turquoise and orange paint 8. binth baby book 9. amy butler play mat

Friday, September 5, 2008

"home is where one starts from." -t.s. elliot

five gratefuls:
::the swish-swish-swoosh of a healthy baby heart today::
::a box full of journals. my adventures, travels and heartaches. all in one place::
::cravings. ham sandwiches, grape bubble gum and cheerios::
::the jayhawks singing "all the right reasons"::
::lucas's shiny red toenails. {don't ask}::

your turn.
love, lin