Saturday, October 30, 2010

tricks & treats


trick or treeeeeeeat 098

chocolate is the best thing that ever happened to gavin west.
and having an entire blue pumpkin bucket filled with the stuff has put him into little boy gavin heaven. it’s gone everywhere with him today and he’s guarding it with every inch of his mini-gavin self.
when luc first saw himself in the mirror with the painted mask – i saw him give himself a sly crooked lukey-smile and a thumbs up. aha! officially a mutant turtle. he woke up this morning with what was left of his leonardo mask. he wore flaking blue paint all. day. long.
i love halloween. i love sending boys to bed with candy filled bellies for one night. i love a little orange and black spookiness going on. i love the vintage witch grammy bought and lucas taped up in his bedroom. i love trying to get gav to say trick-or-treat and him repeating “candy-candy-candy” instead. i love remembering the homemade costumes my mom spent hours on. and then the silly plastic ones we wanted the next year. i love that i gave in to the store bought leo suit and how lucas felt no shame in heading out last night as a teenaged turtle. i love that gavin let me gel his hair and wore argyle socks. i love that andrey took his boys to the annual trunk-or-treat all by himself and left me home to be a baby-mama for halloween and snuggle my newborn.

trick or treeeeeeeat 054trick or treeeeeeeat 096 

happy halloween!
from leo & geeky gavin

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

oh boy!


boy three is here!
we’re enjoying the most peaceful baby-moon with charlie and he’s currently snuggling his way right into this family full of boys.
birth story to follow…

Monday, October 18, 2010

thirty years of andrey

happy rain happy 023

happy birthday to this boy.
so lucky that seven-plus of his thirty years have been spent with me.

30years of andrey 008

custom cake by kate

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

get ready… get set…

larson family 005

recipe for a good birth:
golden amber resin – voluspa candle
ol’ red plaid blanket
my mommy
andrey’s forearms (for holding on)
a complete baby nest

good music:
.into the wild soundtrack
.008-august passionista mix
.xavier rudd mix

a safe place for the boys
a blessing
hot hot water
sonic’s “good ice”
burt’s bee’s baby lotion
white receiving blanket
happy birth thoughts from my circle of loves
deep breath
a new boy
a name.

babe tee 049