Saturday, October 30, 2010

tricks & treats


trick or treeeeeeeat 098

chocolate is the best thing that ever happened to gavin west.
and having an entire blue pumpkin bucket filled with the stuff has put him into little boy gavin heaven. it’s gone everywhere with him today and he’s guarding it with every inch of his mini-gavin self.
when luc first saw himself in the mirror with the painted mask – i saw him give himself a sly crooked lukey-smile and a thumbs up. aha! officially a mutant turtle. he woke up this morning with what was left of his leonardo mask. he wore flaking blue paint all. day. long.
i love halloween. i love sending boys to bed with candy filled bellies for one night. i love a little orange and black spookiness going on. i love the vintage witch grammy bought and lucas taped up in his bedroom. i love trying to get gav to say trick-or-treat and him repeating “candy-candy-candy” instead. i love remembering the homemade costumes my mom spent hours on. and then the silly plastic ones we wanted the next year. i love that i gave in to the store bought leo suit and how lucas felt no shame in heading out last night as a teenaged turtle. i love that gavin let me gel his hair and wore argyle socks. i love that andrey took his boys to the annual trunk-or-treat all by himself and left me home to be a baby-mama for halloween and snuggle my newborn.

trick or treeeeeeeat 054trick or treeeeeeeat 096 

happy halloween!
from leo & geeky gavin


  1. this is too cute
    i love your posts and reading about you & your family. its inspiring

  2. such cute boys!! i love their costumes-- i TOO love going trick or treating, and yes Nick and I do dress up! :)
    you deserve a lil mama baby time- im so glad you had a nice halloween! :) more pics of lil Charlie please!

  3. Oh your boys look adorable. Halloween is a favorite around here. So much fun.
    "Candy-candy-candy." Awesome.