Monday, June 23, 2008

dizzy dizzy

these weeks have been a busy rush of all sorts of things. organize this - put together that. a big giant scramble with barely a moment to even catch my breath. my house is a hazard zone. my car... even worse. my brains.... mush. but my lukey-boy... he's sweeter than ever. i'm about to leave him with a*love for the rest of the week. the first time ever. i'm homesick for him already. a nervous wreck.
next week though, i will be safely snuggled up in the wyoming mountains with both of them. enjoying quiet moments fishing with my boys and laughing with my sisters. hearing stories from the great aunties and soaking in the love. i. can't.wait. i've just got to make it through this week first.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

B is for Beautiful and Belly and Baby and Boy...

i'm homesick. i was this close... this close to packing up our new wheels and my sleepy boy and driving through the night over the mountains. a*love had to talk me out of my irrational wild thoughts.
right now in my mama's house are bouquets of daisies, bright green balloons, beautifully wrapped baby goodies and one sleepy mama-to-be. in the morning will be trays of tasty sandwiches, a gigantic cake, and swarms of lovely ladies waiting to celebrate this upcoming mamahood of hers.
my heart aches to miss out on such an occasion. my baby sister. great with child.
i wish to go on an evening walk with her tonight and talk of birth and baby boys and bravery. i wish to give her a warm foot bath and pretty pink pedicure. i wish to wash her hair and braid it into two little girl braids. i wish to go through her piles of wee clothes and imagine what he'll look/smell/sound like. study baby name books and try and trick her into revealing her secret names. feel her belly and wait for boy to kick-kick-kick. i wish to give her a million lindsay & jade gifts of love. whatever she needs them to be.
does anyone know if she will still be my baby sister after this chapter of her adventure is over?
since the festivities are way over there and i am here my job was to put together a baby-shower-in-a-box. i had so much fun thinking up and planning these treasures.

{the invitations}
{the envelope seal}
{the see-d party favors}
{the "b is for baby" garland}

a celebration will be had in the morning and i am here but my heart is so there.

love, lin