Thursday, June 17, 2010

a button?

the passionista herself requested a blog button from me – so i got right to work. would you like one, too? it would make me the happiest to hop over to your blog and see a little run lucas run love sitting over on your sidebar. be sure and let me know if you use it so that i can come visit your bloggy space, too.

i can’t wait to show you some of the other blog goodies i’ve got up my sleeve. working on a header for a certain canadian farm girl that i adore. and i’m getting my tabs in order so that i can link to the new happy blogs that are currently taking up space in my reader since the big over haul.  
good stuff, i tell you.

happy thursday friends,
love, lindsay

Monday, June 14, 2010

this boy - was happy

summer sunshine 018

friday night  a packed up andrey and luc hitched a ride out of town for their first dad-plus-big-boy campout.
i was nervous.
lucas was not.
i’m sure that he had called andrey at work at least a million times that day to see if he was on his way home yet. 
once those two were safely out the door with lot’s of s’more supplies, mini-gavin and i set off on our own adventures.
we visited with friends, snuck in a late night drive-thru ice cream cone and snuggled in on the couch.
he loved it. gavi day 024

he was:

rare form for this don’t-mess-with-me  dude.
i had envisioned gavin tucked sweetly in bed, a quiet house to myself. a list of creative projects i’d been hoping to start and hours of me time to finish them.
he did fall fast asleep… only i was holding him in my arms.
and i couldn’t put him down.
i was sure that once morning came, our camp-smelly big boys would return, crazy life would continue and gavin would slip back into baby brother survival mode.

…and four short months from now he’ll make the switch from baby brother to middle child.

gavi day 019

so i held him longer.
i cuddled him.
studied him.
sang to him.
made wishes for him.
and fell asleep wondering of him…

Monday, June 7, 2010


desktop empy
i was skimming through my google reader.  trying to decided where i need to let some things go. which blogs i really love and which ones are just taking up scrolling/life time. and in some crazy act of the cosmos – i accidentally deleted the whole folder. which surprisingly felt really, really good.

and i left it that way.
all weekend.
even through today.

scrolling through my blog reader is my morning cup.
it makes me happy.
it inspires me.

and then i am tempted throughout the rest of the day to stop by my desk and check-in.

i did a “reader-cleanse” a few months back. it sounds really silly – but i was so hesitant to delete a blog.
afraid that i might miss something. 
but i did.
and my morning reads got even more inspiring once i’d whittled down the list. 
to be completely honest -  i can’t even remember now - who got the boot.
which says something, doesn’t it.

so here i am. with an empty slate. and a little list of favorites.
a little list.

but i’m curious.

about you.
which blogs fill your cup?