Monday, June 7, 2010


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i was skimming through my google reader.  trying to decided where i need to let some things go. which blogs i really love and which ones are just taking up scrolling/life time. and in some crazy act of the cosmos – i accidentally deleted the whole folder. which surprisingly felt really, really good.

and i left it that way.
all weekend.
even through today.

scrolling through my blog reader is my morning cup.
it makes me happy.
it inspires me.

and then i am tempted throughout the rest of the day to stop by my desk and check-in.

i did a “reader-cleanse” a few months back. it sounds really silly – but i was so hesitant to delete a blog.
afraid that i might miss something. 
but i did.
and my morning reads got even more inspiring once i’d whittled down the list. 
to be completely honest -  i can’t even remember now - who got the boot.
which says something, doesn’t it.

so here i am. with an empty slate. and a little list of favorites.
a little list.

but i’m curious.

about you.
which blogs fill your cup?


  1. Definitely my immediate family, then yours, your moms and one of my brothers sisters-in-law. Small list. Amy used to be on the list, but she didn't invite me once she went private and I haven't had a chance to ask her to invite me :( ... But I love coming to your blog and reading it. It makes me smile to read your words and look at your cute pictures. I love you, cousin!! xoxo

  2. i hope i made the cut! how lame though for me- I frequently purge on my reader, but they keep coming back! no seriously! i press delete, and then the next day they are still there! can you explain that to me??

  3. just deleted a bunch and maybe I should delete more and see which ones I try to get back to. My thing is that even if I think there will be nothing new, I still stop by the computer each time I walk by the computer.

    PS: your map worked great on our trip to help my 6 year old know how long it was really going to take to get to Utah. Saved me the countless "are we there yets"

  4. I love to purge blogs. I find that I subscribe, and then don't read them - and I only subscribe to some because I feel I ought to because everyone else is reading them. But I can't keep up with prolific bloggers - I'm talking 2-3 posts a day. I can't! I delete every now and then, and it feels good. I like reading blogs I can relate to. Like yours, Meet Me At Mikes, One Girl, Rummage, my sisters - ChoccyBangles, and the Sartorialist for inspiration. There are others, but I forget.

  5. Oh, one that we didn't talk about last night..."You Are My Fave!" Melanie finds sweet things to blog about + she usually manages to make me laugh too.

  6. I am such a loser - I don't even use google reader. I just check the blogs I am following on blogger when I get a chance. And then I have some that I don't follow but that I really like stored in my favorites.

    BUT - the ones I follow are mostly just family and close friends.

  7. dandee, passionista, & yours are at the top of my list. just a few that make me very happy when i click on my reader & they are in bold just waiting to give me a little extra happiness for the day. however, i'm pretty sure you already have those listed! (4th, 5th & 6th are ampersandity, memories for later, & the little things we do).

  8. My heart flutters with the sweet nie nie and I love design mom... oh happy day...

  9. you have inspired me! time for some "blog summer cleaning!".

  10. I noticed myself getting a little depressed reading about everyone's "happy lives" a few months ago, so I stopped reading blogs altogether. It took a lot of strength cause I was kind of addicted, but it was definitely beneficial for me at the time. Starting to get into some again now though, thus the post. :)
    Love you girl.

  11. can't live without the knack lady. she is my morning must.

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  13. K I know my blog is boring, but I hope I didn't get dumped! Yours is my favorite so I am glad you post often.

  14. I tried to tidy up my reader a bit the other day but when I got back on the next day, the blogs I had deleted were all back! lol

  15. i have a good number for sure--- but I only follow those who I like to read consistantly-- maybe once per month or something i sit and go through ALL the blogs i know, and play catch up. :)
    there are def those few who are inspiring-- and are a must! :) find yours--

  16. I did the same thing a while back and then waited to see if I ever wandered back to any on the list. Design mom always sticks, and a few interior design blogs as well.