Monday, August 27, 2012

next up: first grade!

today was one of those days where parenting came effortlessly. 

these days are hard to come by. it had to have been something in the air. the last-day-of-summer-vacation-air. our last day of sleep-ins and lazy play. the last day of come-and-go-as-we-please. tomorrow is rise and shine! tomorrow is first grade. 

my feelings tonight are completely different than how i felt last year - on the first day of kinder. i am confident that lucas will be just fine. i know what kind of boy he is. and i know how eager he is to learn. we will miss him during the day - but the summer days were becoming sooooo long for him and i know he is anxious to get back to having a daily routine. 
daily routine = not my parenting strong point.

tonight we walked down to the school to meet his new teacher and find his desk. real desk cubbies this year! no baby tables. and no baby toys. we found our after school meeting spot and pinky swore not to forgot (or be late). we talked about first day butterflies/jitters and how to be on the look-out for someone who may need a new friend.

tonight we said, CHEERS! over ice cream sundaes. topped with the back-to-school usual - kindness, happiness, bravery, obedience and extra love. 

i love lucas jude. love, love, looooove him.

Monday, August 13, 2012