Sunday, February 25, 2007

"i can make peace on earth with my own two hands" -jack johnson

my mom asked lucas yesterday if he'd had a fun/good day. then she said, "with a shirt like that how could you not?!" it's always a good day when lukey wears his peace shirt. a month or two ago on an adventure at gateway with her and lucas we wandered into the LUCKY store. it was luc's LUCKY day because they were playing bob dylan's "ain't talkin" over the stores speakers. my cat-mom started dancing away and said "this song makes me want to buy things!" lucas and i quickly scavanged through the baby clothes and danced our way to the cashier with his peace shirt. LUCKY BOY! there's a leather bag and the most beautiful hoodie that i'm drooling over there so i'll be making a song request the next time we take a shopping trip!
despite my hopin' and prayin'... we got dumped on with snow here this weekend. it's still snowing as i type this. blek! andrey got to stay home from work on friday because of it though, so he got to go with lucas to GYMBOREE class. luc was so proud to show his "da-da-da" his big boy tricks at gym-school. saturday i went to my dear sweet angie's baby shower. such a happy day. saw my miranda love, too and met her little halle girl. such a happy day. i'm still drooling over what angie has done with her adorable house. i'm so excited to see what her wee little babe will look like and learn what her name will be. seeing ang "great with child" made me miss my belly so badly. it's so weird how much i miss those difficult last few weeks of pregnancy. the anticipation each night is overwhelming. you feel so serene in one moment and so emotionally/physically drained the next. i'm so nuts to be missing that.
my kid is nuts too. he had a nice bedtime snack tonight. pink baby lotion. YUM! he had the most fun ever playing like a monkey in the fridge. it kept him occupied long enough for me to get gina's invites ready to print. i would look over and say "luc...where are YOU?!" and he'd poke his head out to see me.
yes, the invitation extravaganza has begun! i am so in my element. i love it. they are turning out so pretty. i can't wait to deliver them. i just need to finish printing them and then i can assemble the pieces together. so excited to see her name on them. gina's gettin' hitched!

i forgot to post a pic of the backpack i made for faith's fifth birthday. it was so sweet. and so fun to fill up with girly treasures. i'm going to order some fabric to make myself one. anybody else want one? one in hemp for amy and one in courderoy for my mom.

and here's me...even with the new haircut i've still resorted back to ponytails.


Monday, February 19, 2007

"tiredness fuels empty thoughts, i find myself disposed. brightness fills empty space, in search of inspiration." -damien rice

the view from our back porch:

do you ever have one of those moments when all of a sudden you realize how quiet it is? a moment of peace when you can be oh so aware of everything that's going on around you. the sound and feeling of your breath. the smell of the fresh air. have you ever? i've been overwhelmed with the dullness that is my life right now. maybe it's the never ending winter that has it's hold on me but i'm strugglin. winter swallows me up. every year. it's the same days over and over again. fight for luc to sleep a little bit longer every morning. sneak in a shower. chase boy around the house. stay up late. start over. i needed to change things up a bit. we decided to take a mini vacation to SLC this weekend. andrey, lucas and i. just what my little cabin fevered soul needed. we walked around gateway, ordered pizza and snuggled up. we had such a sweet little time together. it was so nice to have my "boyfriend" back. sadly, in everything that is our mundane life we've kind of forgotten to spend time with eachother. i loved being the only thing he was paying attention too and of coarse i love to watch him overwhelmed with love for lucas. sunday i just couldn't get enough fresh air. i finally talked andrey into taking a walk around the block with me while luc slept and then when lukey woke up...i talked andrey into venturing outside yet again. we found a quiet little park that had baby swings. i've been hunting for them since we got here.
lucas was so happy to be a free bird.

he loved it. while we were there i had one of those moments i mentioned before. andrey had run up ahead of me with luc in his arms and all of a sudden everything was quiet and so in perspective. it was a beautiful minute.

i found a surge of energy/happiness and it will hold me through. i'll keep on truckin myself through this winter. there is an end in sight. and these dull-repetitive days i'm living are days of luc's life just passing me by. i need to make better memories for him. take him on more adventures. i'm craving spring.

sarah asked to see where we blog from. here it is in all it's glory...

my parents went to tucson arizona for their anniversary and brought lucas back quite the treasure. a real leather cowboy vest. he wasnt' so happy to be woken up to try it on, but i love it. i can't wait to sew him up a tee-pee.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"nothing you can see that isn't shown. no where you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. all you need is love" -the beatles

where on earth have i been?!! our little family has been in battle with a killer cold. it keeps on comin' round. i think we might just be passing it back and forth to eachother and then back again. sore throat, cough, ear aches... the whole mess. poor little luc. such a tough cookie. here he is taking a little nap with his auntie. rosy cheeks and all. poor kid. hey! i think i see little presley tucked in there too!

LOVE IS SO IN THE AIR! i love valentines day. we've kicked it up a notch at our house this year. the entire family including a few extras made mailboxes this year.

they are already full to the brim with tons of sweet treats. did i already say how much i love this holiday? andrey will wake up to a sweet surprise. luc and i drove all the way to the orem krispie kreme to get him the heart shaped donuts for breakfast in the morning. i stayed up late tonight to work on my little one's valentine. i found him this super comfy cotton long sleeve t-shirt and used transfer paper to add some love.

i've been working on my valentines all week. they all safely made it to the post office, but i'm afraid some will arrive a bit late. me...oh so good at procrastinating. oh well.
it's been a busy crafty week. got faith's tea party invites out and made sweet amelia a birthday cd surprise. it's loaded up with some real goodies. a little kasey chambers, a little cat power. i hope she loves it.

lucas and i drove up to wyoming for the weekend with my mom to have a quiet night at grams. andrey called two or three times on our ride up to ask me what i'd done with his ipod shuffle. it's such a little thing and seems to get lost a lot! i just kept telling him that it was in our room somewhere and couldn't just walk out of there on its own. after turning the place upside down he finally just gave up the search. when we arrived safely in wyoming i hauled in all of our stuff and laid luc down to change him. TA DA! found the ipod. not joking. that silly little creature had stashed it in his diaper. we had a good laugh and called his dad to tell him the news. luc had such fun at grams just roaming free. he got into anything and everything that wasn't a toy.

we spent a fun day last week with lace and baby hope in orem. and a quick visit over to gina's. i'll be getting to work here pretty quick on g's wedding invites. i'm so excited to do them for her.
so that's the low-down on us. we're pretty silly around here...but life is good. i was so thankful to be at the dinner table tonight celebrating nat's birthday. so thankful that we were all there safe and sound. the scary violence at trolley square the other night shook us up a bit over here. my mom and i had been meaning to get over there to pick out our valentine's and luc needs a new towel from PBkids. we've spent several a dinner at the spaghetti factory and i am so thankful that last night we were all safely home. my heart is full... and a bit sad for the tragic-ness of it all. such senseless violence needs us all to counteract it with a whole ton of random kindness. hug the ones you love a bit tighter tonight. loves. so much loves. -lin