Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tiny peace.

for each new morning with its light
    for rest + shelter of the night
                             for health + food
                            for love + friends

      for everything thy goodness sends   
                -ralph waldo emerson

Friday, February 24, 2012

shabby apple: a giveaway!

the winner of this giveaway is kaelee of my dear hazel blog. so happy!

i'm sure that you've seen shabby apple's pretty little dresses all over blog land. just the other day i was browsing their website for something to wear out on our anniversary in a few weeks. so when they contacted me about offering a giveaway here on my blog, i was happy to say, yes!

i've chosen the classic francine skirt for one of you to win! it's the perfect black pencil skirt. and that bow! i love. would you add a cardigan? some fancy shoes? something sparkly? i'm going to add my hot date, nine years of marriage and a cheers!

if you'd like to win this skirt for yourself, simply visit shabby apple's facebook page here and then leave a comment on this post telling me you've liked them. entries are open until friday at 8 am PST, to US residents only. i'll choose a winner and announce it here on this post. good luck!

and if you're like me and can't wait until friday - use the code runlucasrun10off at checkout to get 10% off right now. i've got my eye on this sweet necklace.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

lucky she's mine.

i turned up my cath craves good music playlist tonight.
songs by:
bon iver
iron and wine
+ the shins

i am homesick.

silly, huh.
but they're so good. and so her.

boards titled:
gypsy love
the sea + the sky
free to be
+ speaks to me.

oh man, i am missing her.
what i'd give to snuggle me and charlie-wild up in yellow bedroom tonight.

birth | the sea | bus | dreads
keith | leather | la passion | felt
light | phase | wrapped | truth

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

he hand picked my chocolates.
just for me. 

it was the perfect day.
hearts everywhere. and red. and mailboxes. 
the friends i love. and phone calls to the ones i miss.

oh, and tesla.
so loud.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

take care.

dear friend:
i am so so so very sorry that you are feeling so yucky. 
sometimes - just sometimes being sick can be a blessing. 
a chance to rest up and take care of you. 
or even better - let everyone else take care of you. 
hopefully you're on the mend.
and hopefully you'll feel better than ever after a few good long days tucked cozy in your bed. 
i am thinking of you.
you asked for a list.
some goodness for your heart while the rest of you is aching.

blogs. am currently inspired by words and images.
elise blaha's enjoy it: this post which she followed up with this one. 
marta dansie's marta writes: this post. second paragraph.
rachel swan of rachel swan design: i love this post she shared.
katie stratton's katie's pencil box: this little treasure.

music. on repeat:
with love by rosie thomas. just in time for valentine's day!
and all things passenger. 

books. currently reading:
extremely loud and incredibly close. by jonathan safran foer

dear friend,
pull your covers in tight. put warm socks on your feets.
and ask your love to make you this:
hot hot water. (preferably from a shiny turquoise tea kettle)
 a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a spoonful of honey.
stir it up and sip it slow.

all my love,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

g is for gavin.

it's already been three years since gavin came to meet me. his birth story is such a treasure and so empowering to me and my own story. and my favorite part? the moment he was placed up on my chest and i could feel his heart beat. pounding against my own. and he was here. 

we climbed right up into my bed after that and he's slept there with me ever since. lucas grew up and out of the family bed and into his own down the hall long ago. and charlie has been a crib sleeper since his first baby days. but not gavi. we snuggle up every nap and every night.  

he also up until his birthday this last sunday - didn't have a place of his own in this house. his toys mixed up in luc's room. his clothes in a shared dresser. he needed a space. 

everyone needs their very own space. 

his birthday requests were simple. 

he wanted: 
a green birthday
a banilla cake with polka dots ???  
and jeff gorvette.  

such a funny little guy. we were happy to grant each of those simple wishes. a gazillion green balloons after church, a three layered funfetti cake with tiny round sprinkles and a certain yellow corvette wrapped up by lukey.  

but we also had a special surprise for my little/big boy. 

at the last minute and with the help of a dear friend, andrey decided to build this toddler bed for gavi. in one night!  i carefully picked the fabric for his bedding and spent saturday sewing it up. his sweet cloud pillow is stitched up with a very special piece of linen from my stash. lucas got to work and helped us paint it in the garage. and while gavin wasn't looking on sunday afternoon we pushed our bed over a bit and made a little spot for him to call his own. my little roommate. it is seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen. every piece came together so perfectly and it makes me so happy everytime i walk into our bedroom. 

he is so proud. granting permission to sit on his bed for morning cartoon watching. his fishing pole tucked over on the side. his cars lined up along the footboard every night. a little bucket of his-very-own-things nearby. 

he'll stay close for now. getting used to this. both of us. we still snuggle to bed at night. and then i carefully tuck him in to his new sleeper. i may or may not have been a little weepy the first time. remembering that january night my gavin west was born.