Sunday, February 19, 2012

lucky she's mine.

i turned up my cath craves good music playlist tonight.
songs by:
bon iver
iron and wine
+ the shins

i am homesick.

silly, huh.
but they're so good. and so her.

boards titled:
gypsy love
the sea + the sky
free to be
+ speaks to me.

oh man, i am missing her.
what i'd give to snuggle me and charlie-wild up in yellow bedroom tonight.

birth | the sea | bus | dreads
keith | leather | la passion | felt
light | phase | wrapped | truth


  1. our mom is cool - i post a comment on all your posts - this is probably the cutest post you ever did - why can't we been millionaires and fly you over on our private jet?

  2. Crazy good night here. I had the rare op of having Jackie Paper here by himself. I was rocking him and tears were falling as I realized that I am falling in deep love with him. Then I saw this pretty post and cried s little more. Joyfully, tenderly. I love you Lovely One.

  3. Your mom is equally lucky. I like this post a LOT.

  4. that collage of pins is so pretty. and reminds me of why I should feel so lucky to have my mommy so close to me. I can see her whenever I feel like it.

    I wish you could do the same :)