Thursday, April 29, 2010

two of my favorite things:

party planning + celebrating pregnancy.
i got to spend the better part of the month of march daydreaming and planning the sweetest baby shower for my friend, nicole.
i gathered up a few of nicole’s most talented friends and we set to work on the tiniest of details.

                       nicoles bebe shower 073    nicoles bebe shower 057

nicoles bebe shower 028
nicoles bebe shower 033
nicoles bebe shower 041
                              nicoles bebe shower 072      nicoles bebe shower 087

the weather was perfect, the mama-to-be glowed, friendships were shared + bundles of baby goodies unwrapped.
i can’t wait to meet this pretty little baby girl!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

join me?

blogger-meet-uphello, blog friends! my dear friend Susan of Freshly Picked blog fame is in town this week. she will be hosting the tri-city bloggers meet-up at the Country Mercantile  this Friday, April 23rd at 6:00 pm. will you join me? it will be so fun to meet some of you local ladies. the perfect opportunity to get us all together in one place and put faces to our daily reads.

susan says:
the mercantile closes at 7:00, but we will be staying after hours to party.  if you want to eat there, please come before 7:00 so you can buy all your goodies before they close up shop.

and! there will be giveaways!
she’s asked that we rsvp - so if you’d send her a quick email at {suezpetersen at gmail dot com} she’ll count you in.
post this on your blogs and spread the blogger meet-up word!
love, lin

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

writing them down

fishies 007 five + a half gratefuls:

1. fresh baked cinnamon rolls from my lovey’s down the street.
i stuck my whole face in them.
and they were the sweetest.

2. smelly boys.
fresh and clean from the bath and snuggled into warm jammies.

3. sneaking out of the house for an hour or so - to create something happy with friends.

4. that andrey dares to eat red rice attempt no. 1,647 and not just because i cried over it, either.
at least the enchila-las were edible.

5. reading about my
mom’s roadtrip adventures.  you should, too.
5 1/2. this babe in belly.
that i was not ready for – but was ready for me.
goodnight loves,
i’m going to go snuggle in with above mentioned cuddly boys.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

april seventh is magic

boy sonshine 030
four years ago in the wee morning hours of april seventh – he was born to me - on my birthday.
my boy.
after hours and hours and hours {the everlasting-labor-of-lucas-jude} he was the sweetest bundled up birthday gift i've ever had. 
followed shortly after by the sweetest most delicious strawberry covered hospital waffle – ever.
lukey + me – we were meant to be.
we celebrated his four years yesterday afternoon with balloons and cupcakes and a shiny new bicycle.
my mom has been here which meant that i celebrated my twenty-ninth year  by taking long naps, having comfort food cooked in, my dishes done, my boys snuggled and enjoying a movie with my husband. at a theatre!
we topped the celebration off last night with cake by jeffrey, visits with friends and pretty little packages.
before crawling into bed, after wild and crazy sugar filled boys were fast asleep, the house was straightened and jammies were on - i laid on the couch while my mom and briana found the chug-chug-chugging beat of the tiniest baby heart. 
so yet again,  in the wee evening hours of april seventh,  i got the sweetest little birthday gift. this new babe officially attached itself to my heart strings.
and then i let a.ray sing me to sleep.

love, lindsay