Tuesday, April 13, 2010

writing them down

fishies 007 five + a half gratefuls:

1. fresh baked cinnamon rolls from my lovey’s down the street.
i stuck my whole face in them.
and they were the sweetest.

2. smelly boys.
fresh and clean from the bath and snuggled into warm jammies.

3. sneaking out of the house for an hour or so - to create something happy with friends.

4. that andrey dares to eat red rice attempt no. 1,647 and not just because i cried over it, either.
at least the enchila-las were edible.

5. reading about my
mom’s roadtrip adventures.  you should, too.
5 1/2. this babe in belly.
that i was not ready for – but was ready for me.
goodnight loves,
i’m going to go snuggle in with above mentioned cuddly boys.


  1. I love this picture, love Gavi's hair! I'm missing Lukey's bed. It is magic for me. Don't cry over your red rice. It makes me feel important that I can make it for you! Thanks for loving my roadies story.o

  2. your mom is awesome! i just spent way too much time reading her blog, and i want to get pregnant, just so she can have my baby. tell her i'll call her in a few years. :)

  3. love your pictures. can I tag along and get some photography pointers sometime?

  4. I love that you call them enchilalas too.
    Maybe one day we can work on red rice together. It took me many years before I finally figured it out.

  5. Such cute boys! (whether they're stinky or clean ;)

    I'm so happy for you, and so happy for this sweet baby. She/he (although I really want to say she) is coming to a home full of love and a mother with a huge heart. What a gift for all of you!

    Love you!!!

  6. lin - rice batch #1,648 of mine just worked. don't give up.

    i love those boys of yours....

  7. Why isn't there a "clean baby" scented candle?? I actually considered looking at their picture and sniffing at my screen. They are beauty.