Thursday, November 15, 2012

be more.

this is what fall/winter looks like in tri-town.
with the stoyan boys.
we met andrey at the front door as he came in from work the other day.
we were bundled up and hoping to catch the last little bit of daylight.
we kicked dirt.
jumped puddles. 
climbed rocks.
collected feathers.
and poked at a giant dead salmon with our walking sticks... then we ran.  fast!
making a promise to get out more.
let these boys of mine wander a little.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

wild charlie turns two!

we celebrated our little charlie 'chooey' a few weeks ago.

complete with:
the most delicious coconut flavored birthday cake.
shiny yellow puddle jumpers.
and a foxy tail.

we had dinner with grandpa.
cake with cousins.
and happy birthday 'hooray!'s' all day long.

this kid is one of a kind.
he's a full sentence talker.
(our favorite being his lunch table small talk)
real competition in the stoyan boy wrestling ring.
and still puts in a good rock-a-bye session with his mother at bedtime.

happy two.
keep on, charlie-choo!