Thursday, August 26, 2010


themama32 weeksthe mama. 32 weeks + growing/glowing.

i just figured it out. why i’ve put the baby prep on hold for so long. why babe-to-be only has a small drawer full of treasures. why some days i even sort of forget i’m growing boy inside this tired body.
because gavin west is still my baby.
i sat down here to write him a little letter but i think i’ll keep my mama words between the two of us and write them on a sheet of paper instead.
he took a late nap today. which meant that tonight (after a super-classic day of grouchy-gavin antics) he was wide awake at 10:30pm. we found a comfy spot on the couch and he crawled up on top of the big-o belly and twirled my hair.
this is rare.
he wanted nothing more than a moment with me. a quiet moment of just-us. he slurped his paci and i could see his one dimple peeking out from behind it.
he was happy.
gavin is mini.
he is still my babe.

Monday, August 23, 2010


there was some very late night texting going on between danyelle + i last night. putting together some final touches before we open up registration for
PROJECT: craft today! i went to bed giddy + super excited to find out which lovely ladies will be joining us on september 25th for all the happy creative goodness.


go here to sign up.
and fast! space is limited + we would love to see your face.
love, lindsay

dandee + i will be hosting a special drawing the night of the event for all of you dears who helped spread the word about PROJECT: craft.  whether you live in the tri-cities or in timbuktu, leave a comment letting us know how you circulated the news and we'll put your name in the hat.  if you're not there + you win, we'll ship the prize your way.  and trust us, it's a really good prize.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PROJECT: craft

Want to know what Dandee Designs + Lovely Lindsay have got up our cardigan sleeves? Well – this is it. Danyelle + I are so excited! We’ve been busy planning + perfecting the tiniest of details. It’s gonna be good. Not to mention it will be held at one of the only cool places left in the Tri-Cities. Greenies! Be sure + mark your calendars for Monday the 23rd + be ready to purchase your tickets. Spots are sure to fill up quickly! Visit here for more info…


Monday, August 9, 2010

“sunshine, daydream, walking in the sunshine!”-the grateful dead

tie dye day 038 in case you thought i was joking.
i wasn’t.
this boy and his tie-dye:  no messing around.
we have to make deals – to insure that only one item of tie-dye leaves this house.
one at a time.
sometimes that means that i agree to him wearing two different shoes.
which is a-ok by me.
but makes his dad a little nervous.
as soon as we get home: it all goes back on.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

miles+miles :: years+years

   felt bff 029  felt bff 023

jessie has been in singapore for the past year.
and gina – she hasn’t been home to this tri-town since before she was married.
shelley has found her love and had a babe since i’ve seen her last.
and lindy has been busy collecting adventures since we last got to sit down.
and catch up.
how lucky am i:
the lone tri-citian
to have them all here in one place during their streak of summer birthdays.
i gathered them up tonight for a quick dessert to celebrate and see their faces.
it’s been 10 years since we’ve all sat together like that.
same girls.
same sweet love for each other.
we’ve added a handful of babies.
we’ve added miles and miles to the distance between us.
there’s a big chunk of years that belong to each other and we still meet up
like that:
was yesterday.
silly girls.
but we were missing you.
we must figure it out.
how to get us all in one place.

goodnight loves, lin