Monday, August 23, 2010


there was some very late night texting going on between danyelle + i last night. putting together some final touches before we open up registration for
PROJECT: craft today! i went to bed giddy + super excited to find out which lovely ladies will be joining us on september 25th for all the happy creative goodness.


go here to sign up.
and fast! space is limited + we would love to see your face.
love, lindsay

dandee + i will be hosting a special drawing the night of the event for all of you dears who helped spread the word about PROJECT: craft.  whether you live in the tri-cities or in timbuktu, leave a comment letting us know how you circulated the news and we'll put your name in the hat.  if you're not there + you win, we'll ship the prize your way.  and trust us, it's a really good prize.


  1. I left a comment on facebook. I know your prize will be awesome!

  2. i tweeted about your lil' shindig(and, of course, signed up)! so exciting.

    oh, and i really wish tiffany could come. how fun would that be!?

  3. I shared it on Facebook and with all the lovely ladies in my neighborhood. We discussed taking a road far to your place? I need a vacation!

    I wonder what craft are YOU doing that night?

  4. Hello! I'm a close friend of Briana's and so of course I know your mama. Lovely ladies, both. I really love your blog + wish SLC was a little closer to Washington (I bet you have the same wish all the time!) so I could attend your awesome event. Love your blog, and congrats on the new babe! xo

  5. How AWESOME!!! I wish I could be there!!! Have fun ladies!