Monday, August 9, 2010

“sunshine, daydream, walking in the sunshine!”-the grateful dead

tie dye day 038 in case you thought i was joking.
i wasn’t.
this boy and his tie-dye:  no messing around.
we have to make deals – to insure that only one item of tie-dye leaves this house.
one at a time.
sometimes that means that i agree to him wearing two different shoes.
which is a-ok by me.
but makes his dad a little nervous.
as soon as we get home: it all goes back on.


  1. dear lukey,
    i love your look. once your mom bought cameron a sparkly blue purse and he wanted to take it everywhere....hmmmm...

    "going where the wind blows" are awesome.

    love amy

  2. Oh my that is funny! What a cutie. I love his "muchness."

  3. i love it!
    every kid has their "thing"
    my little guys likes "slickies"--anything silky. a little funny but we try and humore him. today was an all slickie day with a jersey and bball shorts. he was a happy guy.

  4. Everybody needs some hippie tie-dye in their wardrobe! I have to admit, I'm lacking...I feel another summer project coming!

  5. I am a tye-dye lover too...he is the coolest know he will someday have a huge picture of Jerry Garcia on his wall.

  6. I love this picture in so many ways!! Lukey is committed to his love of tie dye... that is an outstanding trait.

    This picture really made me happy.
    (I need a picture of Gavin in his Aerosmith t-shirt.)

  7. eeeeek! I love it, what a cool little dude!!!!

  8. omigosh.
    P.S. - I am now following you on twitter...under the alias violet allen. xoxo

  9. Lukey Love
    I think you need a lava lamp.