Wednesday, July 27, 2011

park silly, utah

our first day in utah:
we loaded the mini-van up bright and early with stoyan boys, a pretzel-girl, my mama, and auntie gina. we listened to gavi's high pitched squeals (and some brandi carlile, too) all the way through parley's canyon and into park city. off to have lunch at ali's with her boys. at her beautiful home in the mountains. her beautiful home. 
they met us on the front steps and invited us in for the happiest afternoon. 
we trip-trapped across the creek bridge. we dig-dig-dug in the new sandbox. we soared on the swing-set and filled our bellies with delish. 

am wishing for a home next door. to wake up to those mountains. and that sky.  
am wishing to be neighbors. for a million minutes more to sit and visit without chasing boys. to talk gavin's (she has one, too) and birth stories, and get those recipes. to snap more pictures of jumping boys. and brothers.

i almost lost my gavin to that landscape. pretty sure he was seriously contemplating a jump over the creek in those wheels. he'd reach the mountains in no time. pretty sure he is still talking about that trampoline. in the living room. and how seriously awesome that was. yup, he is. 
so grateful for new friends. we'll be back for sure.  
love, lin

Monday, July 25, 2011

home, again.

back to stoyan house.
slept in my own bed last night.
woke up this morning to our regular old everyday:
swimming lessons
lawn mowing
laundry baskets
nap times
vacuuming the roadtrip crumbs
and neighborhood errands.
i missed my space.
i missed the smell of this place.

but right now:
i'm missing them.
the steady stream of loves that collect themselves at larson house
during the day - and during the night.

i told my dad:
"that says something about you, ya know.
that people want to be here. your home. and don't ever want to go."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

freshly picked: craft night

instagram  via: susan of freshly picked

hey utah!
the stoyan boys + i have extended our trip a bit longer.
couldn't pull away just yet.
lucky for me - that means i'll get to attend susan's craft night tomorrow.
get all the details here!
that susan, she's so hip it hurts.
hoping to get a jump start on my bracelets for jen's swap.
i'm on my way to pick out my embroidery floss, right now!
am thinking sunshine yellow + summer lime, for sure.

join me?
i'd love to see your face.
let me know if any of you SLC'ers wanna hop a ride in the mini.
i'll save you a seat right next to charlie grey
and i'm pretty sure he'll let you mug on his chubby baby cheeks
the whole. way. there.
love, lindsay

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

you belong to us.

dear bub:
we made it. the drive was a piece of cake. i'm getting so good at this! this boy juggling and driving and rock n' rolling for nearly 700 miles. pendleton hill to burley, idaho was kenny loggins, anthony & flea, bob and a little august and everything after. classics from my old school stash. lucas looooooves 'your mama don't dance' and i can't believe in all of his five years i'd never played it for him.

before we knew it we were pulling onto grammy's drive. the little apartment is all set up for us downstairs. the mini-fridge is stocked with shots of coca-cola, izze's in a can and vanilla milk boxes for our wild boys. there's even a secret drawer for gavin - a chocolate chip stash! it's like our very own bed & breakfast. sooooo cozy.

we spent today traveling parley's canyon into park city for lunch with new friends and even in to wyoming for just a minute. long enough to buy gigantic firework's and meet my grandma for sherbet cones at the corner soda shop.  big plans just like that are in the works for the next week - but we're missing you.

i'm just barely getting the last of our boys to bed. gavin whimpered and asked for you until his eyes drooped shut and closed for the night. i am exhausted. i'm realizing tonight how much we run this stoyan-ship together, me and you.
we need you. really, we do.

your instructions:
sleep all.night.long! lock the doors! wear sunscreen! no climbing on steep roofs! go fishing! fill your belly with hot dogs and pizza! don't forget to feed the the kobe-beta! watch lot's of sports! and miss us! lot's.
love you...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


i love to mow the lawn.
i love to sleep in.
i love to sleep. period.
i still love what was in my cd case during the year 2000.
i love watching my husband eat sushi with chopsticks. i hate sushi. i think.
i love sitting on the floor in the library between rows of biographies.
i love when my pandora station is being run by the heavens.
i love when mr. rogers goes to the crayon factory.
i love stripes on baby bums.
i love that charlie-baby.
i love the first slurp of a big huge cold coke. with crunchy ice and a straw.
i love breakfast at eggs in the city. in december.
i love the indigo girls.
i love going through my 'save' drawer and finding old treasures.
i love seattle with christine. once.
i love lacie's pizza couch circa 1998.
i love the smell of swimming pools.
i love andrey at the beach. someday.
i love the perfect big comfy concert t-shirt.
i love their names. lucas jude, gavin west + charlie grey.
i love writing letters with a good ink pen. (right now: bic Z4 0.5)
i love high school art class with mr. holmquist.
i love singing as sisters in zion in relief society.
i love reading 'me' in old journal entries.
i love calling SARK's answering machine. i have for years. (try it: 415.546.3742)
 i love a new blank notepad. a steno notepad.
i love old JANE magazines.
i love when someone gets birth.
i love reality bites. over and over and over again.
i loved blogging this nonsense list.

your turn.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


no words for this minute of my day. 
this minute was magic.