Wednesday, July 13, 2011

you belong to us.

dear bub:
we made it. the drive was a piece of cake. i'm getting so good at this! this boy juggling and driving and rock n' rolling for nearly 700 miles. pendleton hill to burley, idaho was kenny loggins, anthony & flea, bob and a little august and everything after. classics from my old school stash. lucas looooooves 'your mama don't dance' and i can't believe in all of his five years i'd never played it for him.

before we knew it we were pulling onto grammy's drive. the little apartment is all set up for us downstairs. the mini-fridge is stocked with shots of coca-cola, izze's in a can and vanilla milk boxes for our wild boys. there's even a secret drawer for gavin - a chocolate chip stash! it's like our very own bed & breakfast. sooooo cozy.

we spent today traveling parley's canyon into park city for lunch with new friends and even in to wyoming for just a minute. long enough to buy gigantic firework's and meet my grandma for sherbet cones at the corner soda shop.  big plans just like that are in the works for the next week - but we're missing you.

i'm just barely getting the last of our boys to bed. gavin whimpered and asked for you until his eyes drooped shut and closed for the night. i am exhausted. i'm realizing tonight how much we run this stoyan-ship together, me and you.
we need you. really, we do.

your instructions:
sleep all.night.long! lock the doors! wear sunscreen! no climbing on steep roofs! go fishing! fill your belly with hot dogs and pizza! don't forget to feed the the kobe-beta! watch lot's of sports! and miss us! lot's.
love you...


  1. andrey you are a good man, and hard worker. we miss you.

  2. I LOVE that picture accordion book!

  3. That is beautiful.

  4. Hey where were my chocolate chips! I'm pretty sure I could rival Gavin in the addiction.

  5. wait wait wait... you are in Utah?? lindsay marie lynn!!!

  6. sweetest little note ever :)