Wednesday, July 20, 2011

freshly picked: craft night

instagram  via: susan of freshly picked

hey utah!
the stoyan boys + i have extended our trip a bit longer.
couldn't pull away just yet.
lucky for me - that means i'll get to attend susan's craft night tomorrow.
get all the details here!
that susan, she's so hip it hurts.
hoping to get a jump start on my bracelets for jen's swap.
i'm on my way to pick out my embroidery floss, right now!
am thinking sunshine yellow + summer lime, for sure.

join me?
i'd love to see your face.
let me know if any of you SLC'ers wanna hop a ride in the mini.
i'll save you a seat right next to charlie grey
and i'm pretty sure he'll let you mug on his chubby baby cheeks
the whole. way. there.
love, lindsay


  1. well shoot. stay there for 8 more days. then you can see me. i should join this swap... sooo cute. and have fun! :)

  2. I guess the Friendship Bracelet Gods are talking to more than a few people.
    Today I sat on the lawn and made Talie and myself matching anklets.

    I felt like I was in the 8th grade again, only this time it was cooler.
    I won't be able to join you for this craft night (I will be at your ma's house figuring her taxes...) But I am interested in doing that swap. I'll get started!

  3. I second the friendship bracelet god comment, I just made Hazel and I bracelets also....Too bad we are leaving on a road trip tomorrow night, cuz I would LOVE LOVE LOVE some 7th grade bracelet makin fun with those crafty SLC ladies....bummed.

  4. These friendship bracelets remind me of my days in secondary school.

  5. I love that you guys are doing friendship bracelet swaps! What a blast from the past :) I've made many birthday party planning runs to Hobby Lobby these days and every time I pass the embroidery string, I think of the summers spent braiding those into bracelets... oh the days :)