Saturday, January 20, 2007

"half of the time we're gone but we don't know where" simon and garfunkel

the highlight of the year so far... a long overdue larson/porter reunion. so fun to see our long lost dear friends, have some yummy lunch and a good laugh. long overdue. i hate to see how crazy and fast life gets ahead of us. it was like we'd zipped right through all these major life changing years of each others without even batting an eye. but there we were totally different but oh-so-much the same. as soon as i heard amy's voice on the phone... she sounded just the same and i wondered where she'd been for so long and why i hadn't taken just a moment to find her and hear her voice sooner. all of my amy-friend memories are so happy. and zach! if i could zip my sisters back to their zach adventures i would in a second. and my mom... if i could give her back her shari-friend years... how i'd love for her to have a friend to be silly with like that*
this week was all over the place. i had a consultation with luc's pediatrican on wednesday. i've been so stressing over picking a good/safe person to take my little one to. i finally found a naturopath in SLC that was everything i'd hoped she would be. completely understanding about my immunization worries. she gave me some great reading on the subject and i feel so much better about it. not to mention that her office was peaceful and sweet. he goes for his first visit next week and that will be a big check mark off of my "mom-ish" things for me to do.
lucas and i drove to orem to check out the big 'ol house across from riverwoods that andrey is working on. i haven't had a chance to visit him at a job site in a looong time. i got to meet up with my gina-girl for los hermanos lunch too. she's so cute and i love to see her. i'm so excited for all the wedding stuff that's about to go down and i'm glad that i'll be here to help with such a cool time in her life.
oh! and my hair! chopped it all off. well not all of it. (i'll never do that again.) it took two visits to two separate salons but i think it's pretty cute and it'll be a happy change for awhile.
that's little pretzel in the sweater i picked for her when she was just a bean in nat's belly. she was so pround to show me that she was FAT enough to wear it* i remember buying it and thinking about how someday we'd know what she looked like and what kind of girl she'd be. and here she is. i love her so.
luc was such a sweet boy this week. we took lots of good naps and had lots of silly laughs. he's learned how to get around in his walker and it cracks me up to see his little flinstone leggies go.
i hope you all are happy and well. so much love, lin

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"how long do you wanna be loved? is forever forever enough?" -dixie chicks

ok, ok... so i missed my once a week deadline. close enough! these PF flyers and me - we've been busy getting creative. i can barely finish one project before the wheels start turning again. i love these shoes. they've made me and my feets such happy lil' things. they remind me of janet and aberdeen. a jack purcell photo shoot on the beach and corderoy jackets. don't tell my PF Flyers but I've been wearing steen's plaid boots because of the snow and they are so magical! (shhhh!)
my first project on the new machine was a wee little bunny for pretzel. it was a late nighter...stayed up cutting and sewing and stuffing. floppy ears and funky fabric. perfect for the little pretty.
then i got to work this weekend on cam's superman suit. i'm sooo proud of it. it got wrapped and packed up in such a hurry that i didn't get to take any pictures but hopefully he'll be flying it over with his super powers real soon. luc and i had fun wrapping up the goods for his package.
my heart is a bit sad to be missing out on the birthday festivities this year. my cam-reno friend. what a party it's going to be! ever seen a guitar playin' superman? you will soon. funny that amy is bored over there tonight cause i'm a bit homesick for the nothing-ness that is that place. i'd love to sit on their comfy red couch, eat chips and "haltsa", tell stories about old ladies and sing "lonely tonight" with amy ray and emily.
tomorrow is sunday. sunday mornings are my favorites. andrey scoops lucas up at the sound of his first peep and off to starbucks they go. i get to sleeeeep in! they come home an hour or so later smelling all yummy like americanos and hot chocolate. such sweet boys. andrey started a big 'ol house in orem which is exciting. a nice change from the cracker jacks he was throwing up in washington. a chance to practice his real talent. i love him. such a hard worker. it's freezing outside and he wakes up every morning without even hitting snooze to tackle the cold. he has the coolest hard working hands ever. and winter whiskers right now. such a love. such a love.
i finally got to sit down the other night with luc in my mom's office and soak in the latest dixie chicks album. it was produced by rick rubin which is probably why it was so delicious. i listened to every track and read all the words. a sweet new lullabye and alot of speaking out. two things i'll definitely be teaching my little boy.
this blog thing has already been good to me. it found me my favorite angie-girl and i learned of her good news. hopefully there are some more of my long lost favorites out there. find me! good night my loves... lin

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"we'll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne"

i've been makin' and breakin' new years resolutions for years now. i've had some really good ones too. so this year i'm keeping it simple. to start and update this blog. so much has happened to our little family in 2006 - 3 babies were born. our lucas jude, my neice sweet presley brynn and a nephew, valerie. my entire family, each and every one of us pretty much got to see what we were really made of this year and i'm sad to say that it's all documented in 3 different types of journals/calendars/mixed cd's and piles of pictures scattered randomly about. some packed away in our storage garage, some right here... patiently awaiting me to organize them. i have this beautiful journal covered in tapestry that danielle gave me when luc was born that i want to use as his "very own book". the pages are all still blank. i'm hoping that i'll be able to keep everything all in one place on here. this whole blog thing does have me feeling a bit vulnerable and i'm not sure how well i'll be able to open up my journaling brain-bins on here so we'll see how it goes.
it's late here. this is my free/quiet time. in the wee hours. i loooove it. luc is asleep here on the couch and that will give *A*love a few hours of deep sleep upstairs. luc is still very much the king of our bed. he's taken to growling at me in his sleep when he's ready for a drink...every hour or so. *A* and I... we don't sleep anymore. to say that we are tired is an understatement. we are exhausted to tears is more like it. but oh so much in love with this little lukey-tiger of ours. we tried getting a little crib to put by our bed. it's more like a toy box and clothes hamper. he must laugh at us when he finally closes his eyes for the night, then sprawls out on his half of the bed*
lucas's first christmas was so fun.
i found the perfect ornament for him at anthropologie. we'd taken a stroller day at gateway. before the craziness began. he nibbled on my coffee cake at B&N while i sipped mint hot chocolate and read magazines. i left anthropologie with my new PF Flyers (that are already well worn) and his sweet ornament. i bought sarah's "wintersong" and officially started "the holidays" for us.
he took his bath on christmas eve and put on his new pj's. i'd found him a good 'ol fashioned jack-n-the-box after much searching and plunked down the cash for the trumpette socks i've been drooling over.
we are so lucky to be here with my family for this sweet season. i'm a sucker for traditions and my tradition craving has so been satisfied.
*A* surprised me with a sewing machine for christmas. she's a beauty! and sounded so pretty when i tested her out to fix *A*'s pants. the creative wheels in my head are spinning overtime. i can't wait to get started. i'd been borrowing a machine in k-town and had to give it back finally when we packed up our stuff. i had even driven all the way to wyoming for a weekend with my gram to sew the nappy bags for my friends. i can't even wait to get started. can't wait. can't wait. i want to make anthropologie-type aprons for my lady friends and a few of the "wee wonderfuls" for luc and presley. maybe a kitty for cam and something pretty for faith's room.
this new year is so full of freshness. the possibilities are endless. i can't wait to see where we'll be a year from now. what adventures we'll have had... what paths we'll have crossed. i hope that you, my loves are all safe and happy and that life is being good to you. what's your new years resolution?
love, lola-lin