Saturday, January 20, 2007

"half of the time we're gone but we don't know where" simon and garfunkel

the highlight of the year so far... a long overdue larson/porter reunion. so fun to see our long lost dear friends, have some yummy lunch and a good laugh. long overdue. i hate to see how crazy and fast life gets ahead of us. it was like we'd zipped right through all these major life changing years of each others without even batting an eye. but there we were totally different but oh-so-much the same. as soon as i heard amy's voice on the phone... she sounded just the same and i wondered where she'd been for so long and why i hadn't taken just a moment to find her and hear her voice sooner. all of my amy-friend memories are so happy. and zach! if i could zip my sisters back to their zach adventures i would in a second. and my mom... if i could give her back her shari-friend years... how i'd love for her to have a friend to be silly with like that*
this week was all over the place. i had a consultation with luc's pediatrican on wednesday. i've been so stressing over picking a good/safe person to take my little one to. i finally found a naturopath in SLC that was everything i'd hoped she would be. completely understanding about my immunization worries. she gave me some great reading on the subject and i feel so much better about it. not to mention that her office was peaceful and sweet. he goes for his first visit next week and that will be a big check mark off of my "mom-ish" things for me to do.
lucas and i drove to orem to check out the big 'ol house across from riverwoods that andrey is working on. i haven't had a chance to visit him at a job site in a looong time. i got to meet up with my gina-girl for los hermanos lunch too. she's so cute and i love to see her. i'm so excited for all the wedding stuff that's about to go down and i'm glad that i'll be here to help with such a cool time in her life.
oh! and my hair! chopped it all off. well not all of it. (i'll never do that again.) it took two visits to two separate salons but i think it's pretty cute and it'll be a happy change for awhile.
that's little pretzel in the sweater i picked for her when she was just a bean in nat's belly. she was so pround to show me that she was FAT enough to wear it* i remember buying it and thinking about how someday we'd know what she looked like and what kind of girl she'd be. and here she is. i love her so.
luc was such a sweet boy this week. we took lots of good naps and had lots of silly laughs. he's learned how to get around in his walker and it cracks me up to see his little flinstone leggies go.
i hope you all are happy and well. so much love, lin

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  1. Linds is that really amy and zach and natalie and christine, oh my gosh it's been so many years since i've seen any one. I love you guys so much, tell your family i say hi and i miss them and i hope to see them soon (hopefully this summer