Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tis the season:

we pulled the red holiday box out last night.
spent the evening decorating the tree with my boys.
then re-decorating the tree after they'd gone to bed. 
as soon as the lights go on - the magic begins.
wintersong in my ears. 
candy cane hot cocoa in my cup.
this year:
yarn pom garland.
navy blue + pumpkin orange.
and glitter. the gold kind.
on my wish list:

tell me - what are you wishing for?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

full heart.

late nights. date nights. a sliver moon. felicity re-runs. leftover broccoli + potato soup. dried craspedia. eames knock-off's. empty calendar days. five year old how-do-you-spell-it's. saying hello! crisp clean sheets. hot showers.  argyle socks. love note texts. baby wrists. red starbuck's cups. old friends. old sweatshirts. warm cookies. earlybird on insta. the mini van. peace signs. andrey. lucas. gavin. charlie. peppermint in winter. peach in spring. yellow. sharp pencils.that song. on repeat. worn-out chucks. legos. everywhere.  dog-earred book corners. trusting my gut. following my heart. 
oh... and pumpkin pie.

happy thanksgiving, you.
love, lin

Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday quiet.

am grateful for:
three squeaky clean boy-lies. this morning. 
the ride home from church - a mini full of handsome ones.  that belong to me. 
a loooong sunday afternoon nap. in my bed. 
sweats. the ugliest and most comfy ones.
the sunday quiet. to hear my heart.

am listening.

and you?

Monday, November 14, 2011

morning song.

this is wake up: round two.
it met us with a little sun.
charlie started singing early today.
he was singing to the moon. that early.
lucas made them both a bowl of honey nuts.
charlie nursed + played + sang some more.
...then squealed to be put back to bed.
me? i found my way back under the covers and cozied up with gavin.
he'd slept through all of round one.

okay. okay.
we'll get up today...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the tiny common things

i've been thinking a lot about the art of being happy.
trying to pay attention to the tiny common things that thump my heart. 
i go through phases.
i play favorites.
i am a creature of comfort.

my current happy things:

haribo happy-cola gummi's. 
a bag has happily found it's way into my grocery cart on my last few shopping trips. and it made my day when i snuck a peek into the candy shop at the mall and saw that they had a jar full waiting for me. one scoop or two? two! 

my olive manna lined stamp.
i'd been saving it in my stash. waiting for the perfect something to ink it up with. now i can't stop. letter envelopes, surprise gifts, grocery lists, book plates, treat labels. and it makes me happy every single time. can totally see the beginnings of a rubber stamp obsession.

dixon ticonderoga pencils.
the best kind. i'm sort of a snob about what i write with. writing has to feel good. a super sharp tinconderoga is my current go to. the graphite is so smooth and they're made of real wood so they feel solid. and for some reason i'm all over the 'erasing things' instead of just crossing them off. 

cloth bound penguin classics.
a new collection. a friend gifted me my first and a few months ago i finally snatched up the second on a special night out. they are so pretty. i love that starting a good collection also means that they will each have to find their way to me. i'm going to collect slowly and remember where they each came from. and read them, too! can you believe i've never read a jane austen book? gasp!

Monday, November 7, 2011

right now:

it's cold. 
i have a cold. 
it's dark.
too early.
i'm bored. 
this is so boring.
but the music's good.
and so is the company.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011