Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday quiet.

am grateful for:
three squeaky clean boy-lies. this morning. 
the ride home from church - a mini full of handsome ones.  that belong to me. 
a loooong sunday afternoon nap. in my bed. 
sweats. the ugliest and most comfy ones.
the sunday quiet. to hear my heart.

am listening.

and you?


  1. I'll blog it.

    (I've decided that every time I want to post something on Facebook, I will just blog it instead. Perfect, right? Who cares if its everyday, all the better, really.)

    PS- Thanks for the Spotify playlist. Its excellent. Listening now. :)

    PPS-thank you for visiting The Sycamore. Its nice to know that maybe, just maybe you stalk me too.


  2. Love this picture. Charlie lips, Lukey hair, Gavi attitude.