Monday, November 7, 2011

right now:

it's cold. 
i have a cold. 
it's dark.
too early.
i'm bored. 
this is so boring.
but the music's good.
and so is the company.


  1. mmmmmm. and so comes winter to the columbia basin. so very gray, and not that misty, delightful foggy gray. that flat, dark, ugly gray. the stomach flu is threatening to enter my house...I refuse to let it in. we shall see who wins this battle. cross your fingers it's me.

  2. you sound miserable. i hope by the time this message finds you that you are on the mend, possibly a little less bored, but still listening to great music.


  3. Boo for being sick.. I hate that! I feel like our house has been sick for a month. Remedy= a big giant nap followed by a giant sized coke.. well and me to hang out with ya.