Thursday, July 26, 2007


***update: due to an annoying old navy commercial that snatched up my ingrid michaelson song and the overwhelming amount of google hits this song is bringing here... i've changed the title of this post. only because i despise drawing attention to myself. (and i hate when my song loves "sell-out" on me.***)

"oh hiiiyeeee!" he says. first thing in the morning. first thing at 6 am. with every bit of sweet enthusiasm that his 6 pm voice has. i open one eye and in a groggy/gruffy-not-very-sweet voice say, "oh.hi.lukey." and pull the pillow over my head. i take a deep breath, stretch my arms and leggies... and try again. "good morning to lucas!" i say, a bit cheerier. he smiles, does a quick search for his paci under the covers... plugs it in his silly baby lips and snuggles up to me. if i'm lucky he'll snuggle for a couple of hours. i love this. this good morning of ours.
...and then onto our lovely summer day...
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sundance catalog arrived today. delish. drooling over these:
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and this... oh my... yes... this:
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my momma and i can't stop talking about this camper. this camper that costs 24,000 big 'ol smack-a-roos. we want it. and we hope that for the price they're planning on throwing in the pretty little meadow in the background to go with it. oh yeah, and the cherry pie too. we want to know who buys one. because that person is rich... has great taste... and needs us to be their friend. we're probably soul mates. so if you're out there...???? we belong together. you, me and this camper. i'll bring the jars for firefly catching. and wear a twirly dress for dancing under the stars.

the boys are tucked safely in our bed. my regular blog time. it's raining outside. crazy rain. and thunder. lightning. is this dangerous? typing in lightning?

the apron's finally done! it's from amy butler's "in stitches" pattern book. i love it. love the finishing touches. the sweet pocket. the towel loop. i've already made another. thanks go out to my super model sister jade aka june cleaver. this ones already been folded up sweetly, wrapped in pretty tissue paper and given away. someday i'll keep something for myself... or start charging folks. i'll accept fabric as payment... ha!
good night loves, lin
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p.s. my little lindsay finger has healed in super human time. i let my momma use secret herb remedies and i snuck it in some good fresh air. a good 'ol chunk is missing though. silly finger of mine. what an ordeal that was. happy to report that all pretty fabric was spared.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"you pass through places and places pass through you... but you carry them with you on the soles of your shoes" -jolie holland

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the boy finally took a real nap today. a couple hours of good nap.
i had time to:
-shower a real shower. shave my legs kind of shower.
-eat a good...sit down quiet lunch. and snack on a yummy juicy pear.
-get a start on the enormous pile of laundry
-straighten up the kid toys everywhere
-read my mail and write back some good words
-sort my fabric and get to work on my comment treats...

he woke up wailing
just in time for me to:
-slice off the tip of my prettiest pointing finger.

isn't that just how it goes?
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peace y'all. -lin

Monday, July 9, 2007

"be this sunset one for keeping... this junebug street sings low and lovely" -iron and win

i've been waiting all day for my night-time-alone-time. my list of things to do come luc's bedtime kept getting longer and longer. soak feet, paint toes, pluck eyebrows, catch up on bloggy reading/writing, make a treat, read magazine, play with new fabric. so here it is and i'm in love with the peaceful quiet of my sleeping boy loves, dim lights, and pete yorn singing softly in the background.
my eyes are droopy. i am deep in the throws of a twelve hour drive hangover. we traveled all day boy and me. home from washington and a great summer vacation full of singing willie and the dry k-town heat. lucas become a boy on this trip. a real boy. he ran around with his cousins, splashed in puddles and ate big boy sandwiches.
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i looked at a house while we were there. not exactly what we want...but i looked. it's a start and i feel washington calling us home. will we listen? i'm not sure. we're still so torn. the great debate is still raging between a-love and i. both of our minds changing from one minute to the next. how do you make a decision like that? maybe we should just pack it up and keep on driving. any suggestions? i visited our storage unit. saw my couch. the big brown box with "luc's nursery" written in marks-a-lot. i wanted to climb in and cuddle up on my very own couch and take a good nap. it was a bit surreal to pull the cord and turn the key on the padlock to all of our belongings. our life as we know it so far is stuffed in that room. hmmm.
i could not wait to get home and share what goodies seven, seven, oh-seven brought to me. a lucky day indeed. i found these:
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at joann's. yes, joann's. did all you crafty ladies out there already know that if you dig enough you might unearth some alexander henry delights at joann's??? why didn't someone tell me?! and at such edible prices too! i couldn't believe my eyes when i spotted the apples and pears out the corner of my eye. i bought the rest of the bolt when my fabric-crazy-heart took over. i don't even know what i'm going to do with it yet. i wanted to make an apron out of it before. but what else?! and the rest! perfect for the comment treats i'm hoping to whip up this week and send out to you lovely commenting friends of mine.
this was waiting for us on the counter when we got home. the summer tank i ordered from quilt baby. it's adorable. too bad lucas was too busy getting into everything that is messy for me to get a picture of him actually in it!
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luc has so many blankets. so many. i imagined him running around with his favorite "lovey" and even tried forcing my favorites of the bunch onto him. i'd snuggle him up with the polka-dot blankie his auntie made...the flannel one my gram crocheted...the space-puppies that faith made him...he would kick them all off. wanted nothing to do with them and especially not to be cuddled up in one. well he carried this thing all over the house. all day. this five dollar receiving blanket i got at old navy. are you serious??!!! this is the one you're going to pick?! ha. sweet boy.
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off i go my loves. to rest this restless head of mine. i wish you happy feet... and dreams of lovely new fabric and smiley baby boys.
love, lin
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