Thursday, July 7, 2011


i love to mow the lawn.
i love to sleep in.
i love to sleep. period.
i still love what was in my cd case during the year 2000.
i love watching my husband eat sushi with chopsticks. i hate sushi. i think.
i love sitting on the floor in the library between rows of biographies.
i love when my pandora station is being run by the heavens.
i love when mr. rogers goes to the crayon factory.
i love stripes on baby bums.
i love that charlie-baby.
i love the first slurp of a big huge cold coke. with crunchy ice and a straw.
i love breakfast at eggs in the city. in december.
i love the indigo girls.
i love going through my 'save' drawer and finding old treasures.
i love seattle with christine. once.
i love lacie's pizza couch circa 1998.
i love the smell of swimming pools.
i love andrey at the beach. someday.
i love the perfect big comfy concert t-shirt.
i love their names. lucas jude, gavin west + charlie grey.
i love writing letters with a good ink pen. (right now: bic Z4 0.5)
i love high school art class with mr. holmquist.
i love singing as sisters in zion in relief society.
i love reading 'me' in old journal entries.
i love calling SARK's answering machine. i have for years. (try it: 415.546.3742)
 i love a new blank notepad. a steno notepad.
i love old JANE magazines.
i love when someone gets birth.
i love reality bites. over and over and over again.
i loved blogging this nonsense list.

your turn.


  1. Hi Friend! I was JUST thinking of you too! I got the new nano yesterday and it made me think of you and the music we have shared :) Thanks for stopping by, I wish we were closer together because I am sure your (3!) boys would enjoy the adventure we are going on today to Fort William Henry :) Hooray for skipping work!

  2. I love REALLY well worn pajamas
    I love the smell of coffee beans
    I love the terrible instrumental music played in my families grocery store in College Place, WA
    I love baby slobber kisses
    I love holding hands
    I love sad songs
    I love cook books as literature
    I love the color aqua
    I love Newton Harrison Zanes the 4th

    Thanks...that was a great way to gratefully start the day, listing things that I have in my life that are so lovely.

  3. i love prana skirts. old ones.
    i love my mom's house in the morning.
    i love your mom's house in the summer.
    i love making side dishes while devin grills the big food outside.
    i love cameron's cousins.
    i love this baby of mine. smiley.
    i still outdoor concerts. see you soon linny and amy ray.

  4. i mean...i love outdoor concerts. still. or something like that.

  5. Mr. Holmquist! What a funny man, I forgot about him. Remember how he used to jump on the tables and pretend to be a chicken?

  6. I love you sinny. not nonsense.

  7. Ya going to indigo girls is Layton on the 18 th???

  8. this is such a sweet list. and picture.

  9. this make sme miss you even more since you were RIGHT here in UTAH!! :) You are such a talented lady Linds-- such a breath of fresh air to read your posts, lists, thoughts- i love it. thanks for sharing.