Tuesday, November 6, 2012

wild charlie turns two!

we celebrated our little charlie 'chooey' a few weeks ago.

complete with:
the most delicious coconut flavored birthday cake.
shiny yellow puddle jumpers.
and a foxy tail.

we had dinner with grandpa.
cake with cousins.
and happy birthday 'hooray!'s' all day long.

this kid is one of a kind.
he's a full sentence talker.
(our favorite being his lunch table small talk)
real competition in the stoyan boy wrestling ring.
and still puts in a good rock-a-bye session with his mother at bedtime.

happy two.
keep on, charlie-choo!


  1. so homesick for stoyan boys. and i love that charlie fox. such a sweet birthday.

  2. A coconut cake sounds delicious. I bet it even tastes better-than-delicious. I will get my sister on baking one just for me. She bakes, I don't. :)
    Happy Birthday to your Charlie! We love birthdays around here.

  3. Charlie! Happy Birthday! Oh, I miss my little two year-old Graham...

  4. you forgot to mention how he is constantly climbing on something to reach dangerous hights. love that kid!