Thursday, April 29, 2010

two of my favorite things:

party planning + celebrating pregnancy.
i got to spend the better part of the month of march daydreaming and planning the sweetest baby shower for my friend, nicole.
i gathered up a few of nicole’s most talented friends and we set to work on the tiniest of details.

                       nicoles bebe shower 073    nicoles bebe shower 057

nicoles bebe shower 028
nicoles bebe shower 033
nicoles bebe shower 041
                              nicoles bebe shower 072      nicoles bebe shower 087

the weather was perfect, the mama-to-be glowed, friendships were shared + bundles of baby goodies unwrapped.
i can’t wait to meet this pretty little baby girl!


  1. so fun! i love those striped straws!

  2. where were you when i needed a baby shower???
    simply lovely!

  3. Every little detail, even down to the straws, is beautiful. Your friend is incredibly lucky/blessed to have you in her life!

  4. WOW. You are so ... awesome. There is no other word.

  5. i want a lovely lindsay party.

    pretty please?

  6. I AM very lucky/blessed to have you in my life. I was amazed and in awe...I have the bestest of friends that make me feel so loved.

  7. that's a really pretty party/day, lin.... lucky girls...

  8. Oh man. I'm currently planning a birthday party for my niece and looking at all these pictures gave me inspiration and got me all excited!

  9. It looks like you created a wonderful and memorable celebration. Well done ( nice photos too). Wishing you happiness, Katherine

  10. Why can't we be neighbors and best friends. I'd LOVE to have the honor of that special of a baby shower. You are incredible! People should pay your for your expertise!

  11. OH.MY! Please do a tutorial or write a how-to wiki about your talents! I'm drooling over those non-pretentious pom-poms!

  12. It was such a great shower! I was so amazed by all of the detail you all put into it. And the weather...could you have asked for better weather?!

    Seeing Nicole's cute belly actually makes me wish to be pregnant again! (crazy me)

  13. melissa - must confress:
    tissue pom's were ten bucks at michael's. there ya go!
    i think i will do a tutorial on the pleated fans - they were so easy and got sent home with the mama to add to her nursery.
    love, lindsay

  14. That party looks so pretty Lindsay! I wish we lived closer so we could make up a party and celebrate something! lol

  15. Lindsay, will you teach me how to make the pleated fans? I want to hang them in my room during Open House. Festive.

    Beautiful happy party!