Monday, February 6, 2012

take care.

dear friend:
i am so so so very sorry that you are feeling so yucky. 
sometimes - just sometimes being sick can be a blessing. 
a chance to rest up and take care of you. 
or even better - let everyone else take care of you. 
hopefully you're on the mend.
and hopefully you'll feel better than ever after a few good long days tucked cozy in your bed. 
i am thinking of you.
you asked for a list.
some goodness for your heart while the rest of you is aching.

blogs. am currently inspired by words and images.
elise blaha's enjoy it: this post which she followed up with this one. 
marta dansie's marta writes: this post. second paragraph.
rachel swan of rachel swan design: i love this post she shared.
katie stratton's katie's pencil box: this little treasure.

music. on repeat:
with love by rosie thomas. just in time for valentine's day!
and all things passenger. 

books. currently reading:
extremely loud and incredibly close. by jonathan safran foer

dear friend,
pull your covers in tight. put warm socks on your feets.
and ask your love to make you this:
hot hot water. (preferably from a shiny turquoise tea kettle)
 a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a spoonful of honey.
stir it up and sip it slow.

all my love,


  1. Lindsay, I just recently started following your blog on a regular basis instead of just checking in once in a while. And now I see that you're recommending Elise Blaha's blog, which I just discovered a week or so ago via Marta Dansie's blog. So much good inspiration... and such a small blogging world. :)

  2. Dear Lin,

    Thank you for this. After an awful night of little sleep and lots of miserable coughing, I am grateful to have a list of loveliness to go over and over.

    Thank you for going above and beyond, adding in books and music. I'm almost finished with the book I'm reading so I will definitely start that one next. And I've been meaning to check out Rosie's new album.

    Oh, and the honey lemon tea sounds so soothing on my raw throat. Thank you!


  3. where is your cute bedding from - ikat . i love it Lin! i saw you called me tonight it was too late to call you back... i can't wait till spring because i hope you come over... and i hope you're not sick anymore! byyye