Thursday, February 2, 2012

g is for gavin.

it's already been three years since gavin came to meet me. his birth story is such a treasure and so empowering to me and my own story. and my favorite part? the moment he was placed up on my chest and i could feel his heart beat. pounding against my own. and he was here. 

we climbed right up into my bed after that and he's slept there with me ever since. lucas grew up and out of the family bed and into his own down the hall long ago. and charlie has been a crib sleeper since his first baby days. but not gavi. we snuggle up every nap and every night.  

he also up until his birthday this last sunday - didn't have a place of his own in this house. his toys mixed up in luc's room. his clothes in a shared dresser. he needed a space. 

everyone needs their very own space. 

his birthday requests were simple. 

he wanted: 
a green birthday
a banilla cake with polka dots ???  
and jeff gorvette.  

such a funny little guy. we were happy to grant each of those simple wishes. a gazillion green balloons after church, a three layered funfetti cake with tiny round sprinkles and a certain yellow corvette wrapped up by lukey.  

but we also had a special surprise for my little/big boy. 

at the last minute and with the help of a dear friend, andrey decided to build this toddler bed for gavi. in one night!  i carefully picked the fabric for his bedding and spent saturday sewing it up. his sweet cloud pillow is stitched up with a very special piece of linen from my stash. lucas got to work and helped us paint it in the garage. and while gavin wasn't looking on sunday afternoon we pushed our bed over a bit and made a little spot for him to call his own. my little roommate. it is seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen. every piece came together so perfectly and it makes me so happy everytime i walk into our bedroom. 

he is so proud. granting permission to sit on his bed for morning cartoon watching. his fishing pole tucked over on the side. his cars lined up along the footboard every night. a little bucket of his-very-own-things nearby. 

he'll stay close for now. getting used to this. both of us. we still snuggle to bed at night. and then i carefully tuck him in to his new sleeper. i may or may not have been a little weepy the first time. remembering that january night my gavin west was born. 


  1. My how time flies! Love his new little space to call his very own!

  2. It looks so good! I love the bedding too.

  3. oooh I really really love his new bed! Lucky boy! I totally owe him a birthday prize when I see him

  4. this made me cry really hard....i can't see.
    really 3 years ago? 3 years old?
    sometimes i love our family's odd sleeps...i whine for my own space...but really...i don't wean well.
    chase's crib is a really nice decoration in one of our bedrooms.
    super cute bed gavi...lucky.

  5. It is so cute! I love that he is still close to you, and is enjoying his own little space too.

    It's hard to believe that it's been 3 years since the boy with the cutest little mouth I've ever seen was born. {seriously. he has *the* best little lips!}

  6. oh my goodness, this post was perfect. it spoke to my mother heart and made me smile. you are a beautiful mother. it shows through your words.

  7. Love. I'm glad he is still in the same room where he first came in. Such a great story. Yes, Amy, 3 years ago, the wild ride from the airport to Studebaker Street!

  8. Gavi is 3. I really like Gavi a LOT!! I love his bed and its location. Very Gavi-ish.