Sunday, February 25, 2007

"i can make peace on earth with my own two hands" -jack johnson

my mom asked lucas yesterday if he'd had a fun/good day. then she said, "with a shirt like that how could you not?!" it's always a good day when lukey wears his peace shirt. a month or two ago on an adventure at gateway with her and lucas we wandered into the LUCKY store. it was luc's LUCKY day because they were playing bob dylan's "ain't talkin" over the stores speakers. my cat-mom started dancing away and said "this song makes me want to buy things!" lucas and i quickly scavanged through the baby clothes and danced our way to the cashier with his peace shirt. LUCKY BOY! there's a leather bag and the most beautiful hoodie that i'm drooling over there so i'll be making a song request the next time we take a shopping trip!
despite my hopin' and prayin'... we got dumped on with snow here this weekend. it's still snowing as i type this. blek! andrey got to stay home from work on friday because of it though, so he got to go with lucas to GYMBOREE class. luc was so proud to show his "da-da-da" his big boy tricks at gym-school. saturday i went to my dear sweet angie's baby shower. such a happy day. saw my miranda love, too and met her little halle girl. such a happy day. i'm still drooling over what angie has done with her adorable house. i'm so excited to see what her wee little babe will look like and learn what her name will be. seeing ang "great with child" made me miss my belly so badly. it's so weird how much i miss those difficult last few weeks of pregnancy. the anticipation each night is overwhelming. you feel so serene in one moment and so emotionally/physically drained the next. i'm so nuts to be missing that.
my kid is nuts too. he had a nice bedtime snack tonight. pink baby lotion. YUM! he had the most fun ever playing like a monkey in the fridge. it kept him occupied long enough for me to get gina's invites ready to print. i would look over and say "luc...where are YOU?!" and he'd poke his head out to see me.
yes, the invitation extravaganza has begun! i am so in my element. i love it. they are turning out so pretty. i can't wait to deliver them. i just need to finish printing them and then i can assemble the pieces together. so excited to see her name on them. gina's gettin' hitched!

i forgot to post a pic of the backpack i made for faith's fifth birthday. it was so sweet. and so fun to fill up with girly treasures. i'm going to order some fabric to make myself one. anybody else want one? one in hemp for amy and one in courderoy for my mom.

and here's me...even with the new haircut i've still resorted back to ponytails.


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