Monday, August 10, 2009

“follow a heart that’s asked from the start to lead…” – leona naess

    gavi 055
sunday afternoon found both me and andrey out in the foyer of the church. one boy for each of us.  i’d asked him to tag-a-long with me to help me wrangle the boys during the meeting. (or maybe he could wrangle and i could listen. yeah – that was my real plan.) instead there we were. out in the hall. gavin happily rolling around on the floor and lukey unable to hold still. i caught myself in my frustration – smiling. i caught a glimpse of andrey – smiling in his frustration, too. then we laughed at each other.
we couldn’t help it.
andrey has been extremely busy. work has him all tied up in every direction. his mind is occupied. yet there were several moments during this weekend that i could tell he had let all of that go and was trying really hard to just enjoy these free minutes. it’s hard for me not to fill up all of his free time with things i need him to get done. which also meant me letting go of the projects i’ve got on my brains. things that can wait.
so – we sat in the backyard for a few hours on saturday night. we took a late evening walk through the neighborhood. we enjoyed a good laugh in the hallway of the church house. we held hands on the drive to moses lake to visit his lovely sisters. a trip that’s been postponed for weeks. we sunk into their couch together and let them wrestle with our kids for a bit. we talked to eachother on the way home so he wouldn’t fall asleep. it was simple. the difference slowing down made - was huge.

only monday still came this morning.
and i can’t wait until we slow down again come friday night.

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love, lin


  1. thanks for this post, sorry we're always trying to get you guys to do stuff:)

  2. I want to roll around on the grass in your huge back yard.
    Or, you have a dog? :)