Monday, August 10, 2009



i got tagged by alexandra jade
so here's how to play ...
1. open your first photo folder saved on your computer.
2. scroll down to the 10th photo.
3. post that photo and story of it on your blog.
4. tag 5 others to play along.

the first photo folder is called A&L and it’s got a collection of pictures of me  and my handsome husband. this was picture number ten. it’s a simple picture but tells alot of stories.
i am pregnant here. with lucas jude. very pregnant. (pregnant nose, mom. see!) andrey’s dark hair was an accident. done by steen. and i remember being super concerned that lucas was going to meet his dad while he had elvis hair. on the other hand - my hair is my natural color. which is sort of cool. cause it hasn’t been that way since. we are looking in the mirror at our morain street house. our first place. andrey’s red shirt was his valentine’s gift from me. and the lifted collar was a very russian-teen thing of him to do. oh! and those fabric baskets in the background. an anthropologie sale steal! we look so young to me here. three plus years and another baby boy later.

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  1. Lindsay, I love this post.

    I love the whole accidental black/Elvis hair and the "very russian-teen" popped up collar and your pregnant nose and just the way you tell the story behind this photo!

    Love it!

  2. EEK! I've been tagged! :)) will get on that! :) xo