Monday, August 17, 2009

seattle air

soul city 034soul city collage

my mom’s totem animal is a dolphin.
on a wobbly boat in the middle of the ocean - somewhere in tahiti
she leaned over the bow and took a deep breath. she’d made her connection.
i’m not sure what my animal is.
although - i did feel an odd connection to the hippo at a zoo once.

i do know - however – what my totem city is.
it’s seattle. and i’ve known for a long time.

i could roll around with that city for years.
my window goes down as soon as we hit the mountain pass.
i stick my head out like a happy puppy.

i breathe that city in deep.

soul city 017

not sure how andrey got me to come home. must have been the promises he made me to return again soon.
again and again and again.
love, lin


  1. Maybe they have some good framing work up there, they have too it's so big!

  2. I love Seattle. But I think Portland has my heart.

  3. I love Seattle too! I was telling someone about Seattle the other day; I said it's the city of "acceptance and genius creativity". You can just feel it in the air.

  4. Some of the best moments in my life happened in SeaTown! So glad you had a family happy trip!

  5. my totem animals are bees, moths & hawks. i'm not sure what other animals could be my totems. i learned these totems a long time ago.

    salt lake city has my heart.. i dont think its my city totem.. i think that is Nice, France. yes.

  6. I'd like to go to Seattle one day.
    How do you know what your Totum animal is?

  7. amelia- we talked of this. the framing would be good. only wet. not fun for andrey. but fun for me. i love the rain. and the hazey days. we've decided that we'll just save our pennies and he's promised me a few years worth of seattle days... someday.

    diane- would la la love to visit portland with you. my only portland experience was super scary. amy and i sat in nordstrom's and wanted to cry our eyes out. maybe you could be the grown up and show me around?

    ang-"acceptance and genius creativity" perfect. i was telling andrey how comfortable i felt there. like i could walk around downtown and feel like i belonged there. the creative juice is not forced there, either. it's natural. it just is. love that.

    cath - please tell holly & i both how one comes to know what their totem animal is.

    cass- bees, moths & hawks. i love this. how did you know?? a big chunk of my heart belongs in salt lake, too. it's different though. ya know?

  8. oh i think you are right i do love that framed moth a LOT.

    the way i learned that moths bees and hawks are just some of my totem animals was because of the way i am around them.
    bees never sting me ever and im not afraid of them - i think they are amazing. i collect bee things. i just love them. i cant explain it.

    and moths same thing. i never kill them i always help them get back outside if they make their way in. im not afraid to touch them.. but i dont like touching other bugs not eevn butterflies really. i just really think they are so great.

    and hawks clearly because whenever i see them i know things will go good. i always see them when no one else does and when i see one sitting on a fence post its good luck. and i see that often and no one else ever seems to.

    you just gotta tune into what you are seeing. just take note of it. you may think others see what you see but maybe its just you seeing that bright yellow bird or that fox every morning.. you know? you just gotta get real deep and feel that connection you already have

  9. This post made me want to visit Seattle. I've never been there. Your mom says I'd love it and I believe everything she says.

    My totem is the dragonfly. I was floating down the river 2 summers ago, and a dragonfly flew/followed me, then landed on me for a river ride. It sat on my arm. We had a moment, and I knew.

    I think roadrunners were my totem animal when I was in my early 20s.

  10. i know what you mean about seattle. i think we might know more about that feeling than any other person could even wrap their minds around. i've known that feeling since i can even remember. seattle has some of the shiniest pieces of my heart.

  11. Lin, I love your collage! I had a great time in Seattle, but I agree with Diane about Portland. Next summer I think we should all meet up there! They have cool outdoor markets that are brimming with fun treasures.