Thursday, August 27, 2009

la la lovely package swap – part two

so… miss carolynn has received her lovely package which means i get to share it here on my sweet lil’ blog.
i got the email from danni of oh, hello friend revealing my swap partner and i was so excited. i got right to work on getting to know carolynn by sending her this email:

lovely package swap

  she responded quickly and answered all of my silly questions – like this: 
<<a favorite spot in my home would have to be my back screened in porch.
it has a super comfy outdoor couch and i can just curl up with my laptop and my puppy and escape in to the outdoors >>

i kept all of this in mind as i did my gathering
lovely swapcontents included:
1. a copy of sing+songs (“a mixed tape”)
2. a sweet hair pin from oh, hello friend  
3. a pack of letterpress note cards from simplesong designs
4. a handful of pretty japanese paper tape
5. a few mini latte bowls in pretty fall colors from anthro
6. a ruffle tote made by me!
now this is the pretty part:
swap gifts packaged
do {you} want a mini version of my lovely package? i saved up a few goodies to share with {you}

{a lovely-lindsay-lovely-package giveaway}
leave a comment here by sunday evening – the 30th and i will pick a mailbox to send treasures to.
but… you must answer all of my silly questions, too.
love, lindsay


  1. absolutely darling! i did the package exchange as well --- it was such a great idea & a lot of fun! it's definitely evident that you put a lot of time & thought into her package! so charming!

  2. I love your blog! You are so creative and talented it kills me!!! You should be teaching our enrichments and we should be learning from you!!!

  3. Okay talented and creative! I am so inspired by your beautiful package..thank you for sharing your pictures! I love all the textures that you combined, amazing!
    So here are my answers!
    A favorite spot in my home would be my office (has a cozy white chair) or the hammock in my yard (daydreaming)...
    Songs I love...anything by jack johnson, joshua radin, donavan frakenreiter
    fav go to snack...baked cheetos, bubble gum
    top 5 etsy...anything letterpressed, love ruffles, &vintage, lobster and swan, emilie friday, sycamore street press...

  4. Your creativity inspires me! I love looking at them! Here are my answers...
    1: I love all songs that are 80's and 90's rock and roll. I seem to be stuck on that right now!
    2: Etsy wish for's...hum...I love bags...big, fun bags. Something girlie since I have 2 boys and lots of boy stuff to go with it.
    3: A diet coke or pepsi WITH lime and hard candies. I also love anything baked but am trying to be good and lose the rest of Kaze around my waist!
    4: My favorite spot in my home is one of my big, comfy loveseats in my front room with a good romantic mystery book and sleeping kids!

  5. I love everything you came up with! You put so much time and thought into this, I'm sure she loves it. What a fun swap!!

    Here are my answers:

    Music I love: I love listening to piano music. It's so calming and soothing. I get so happy listening to those sweet piano tunes.

    Favorite spot in my home: Hmmm...I think I'd have to say our front room because it lets the most light in, and it's my very favorite spot to read and take a quick snooze in the afternoons when the kids are at school. (I hope to resume this activity next week :)

    Favorite go to snack: Pop Secret Homestyle Popcorn and a big cold glass of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade. (consumed while I'm reading in my favorite spot ;)

    Things I want from Etsy: I can't decide. I love so many of the bags I see, and of course I love aprons...too many cute things to choose from.

  6. Please enter me in your giveaway! Your so creative and the things you do are just "lovely" like you Ü... Some answers to your questions....
    Favorite snack: right now it is the Veggie Crips from Costco.
    Favorite room @ home: Athen's room, its the only one decorated.

  7. songs i love most:
    "with or without you" -U2
    "when the ship comes in" -bob dylan
    "dear prudence" -beatles

    fave snacks:
    yogurt & granola
    chips & salsa
    anything with PB

    spot at home:
    anywhere with my cat
    kitchen table with fam

    washi (mt) tape
    photo postcards (polaroid or otherwise)
    vintage dessert dishes (footed)
    jeweledblossoms gratitude necklace

    your work is awesome, lindsay!

  8. I guess I'll officially come out of "lurkdom" and toss my hat into the ring!

    1. My favorite music is anything that has a fast beat that you can dance to or exercise to. Exercising is about the only time I listen to music.

    2. Etsy wish-fors usually include the jewelry {always so original and pretty!} and usually something made with awesome fabric like a bag or something.

    3. favorite snacks include ice cream, salt and vinegar chips, cheez-its, chips and homemade salsa, and in the summer--caprese {gotta love fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella!}

    4. Favorite spot is my bed. This is funny because there's absolutely nothing special on my bed. There's not even a headboard. I've just always loved my bed, ever since I was a little girl. It always made me feel comforted, safe, happy, relaxed.

  9. That girl is lucky to have you as a swapper! Man, you are good.

    music: i'm loving zee avi right now. calm and peaceful. and she's from borneo - just across the water :)

    snacks: fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, smoothies

    etsy: i'm on the search for a good set of living room pillows - there are so many pretty things out there.

    spot: my side of the bed with a good book and the windows open.

  10. 1. Kind of obsessed with Coldplay right now.
    2. Cute stuff for my girls, jewelry, bag, apron, anything really...
    3. Chocolate, what else? Although right now, I'm really loving Chocolate pop-tarts, the s'mores variety.
    4. Couch chair by my fireplace and my bed! (which is where I really should be right now...)

  11. Such a lucky swap partner, and such a pretty package filled with gorgeous things. I hope I'm lucky too!

    1. songs:

    * over the rainbow - Ella Fitzgerald
    * all by myself - Eric Carmen
    * feeling good - Michael Buble
    * for all we know - Donny Hathaway
    * a current fav. = honey bee - Zee Avi

    2. etsy "wish for's":

    * this
    * this
    * this
    * this
    * and this

    3. go to snacks:

    * nibs
    * mangoes
    * chocolate covered peanuts
    * apples with cinnamon
    * kettle corn

    4. favorite spots in home:

    * my piano room in the morning

    Lindsay, you are such a sweetheart.

  12. I did the exchange too and I can't wait for my partner to receive her package (it has to travel all the way from Australia). Mine is nowhere near as pretty as yours, though!

  13. You are so talented it's amazing.

    Fav music: definitely depends on what I'm doing, but I'm really into sweet melodies as I go about my morning business. I ALWAYS have music on in my home.

    Fav spot in my home: my kitchen because it usually means I'm cooking for someone I love.

    Fav snacks: chips and salsa, pitas and hummus, fruit, chocolate

    Fav etsy finds: jewelry for sure or original prints, cake stands, vintage glassware

    Fingers crossed!

  14. beautiful! i'm part of the exchange, too!

    songs i love the most :
    + the vaselines - oliver twisted
    + the primitives - spacehead
    + maximum joy - stretch

    top 5 etsy wish-for's :
    + card catalog drawers
    + art by kiki and polly
    + mixed paper from found paper co.

    favorite go-to snacks :
    + chocolate
    + chocolate
    + chocolate

    favorite spots in my home :
    + my craft space
    + under my hodgepodge homemade curtains
    + anywhere my cat is

    thanks for the opportunity!

  15. oh oh! I wanna play... any little thing you make I love and having a WHOLE package of them would make my year!! so here are my answers...

    *I have decided the 90's era is for me:0) I turn on 90's music from my tv and smile big as I clean my house
    *my fav place is easy to see if you came to my house.. i have a permanent butt mark on the left cushion on my couch :0)thats were i sit to watch my tivo shows after my fam is sleeping
    *my new fav snacks are fruit leathers,fruit and nut bars, and I cant forget mint milanos!!!!(but you already knew that one)
    *I love the fun jewelry and pendants on etsy, and just about everything on there. its such a creative sight

    I love you girl.. it was fun entering your cute contest... even if i dont win :0)

  16. hello lindsay! i love your package...your partner was a lucky girl! this is a really fun giveaway & here are my answers...
    ="when i see you smile" by bad english (shivers! i know there are snickers by some but i loooove it!)& "have a little faith in me" by john hiatt= organic double disc necklace by elisasherejewelry, alphabet poster by sycamorestreetpress, small burlap bucket by designsmayamade, scooter bag by retrofied...& so many many more! =wheat thins, nutri-grain bars, pirate booty, brownies, cherry tomatoes =the loveseat in my living room at 1 p.m. (naptime for boys & good reading with great light for me! ***sorry that was so long lindsay but it was fun....nice to meet you!

  17. I'm catching up on blogs, and see this fun post!!! Put me in the drawing! xoxo

    Songs I love the most ~ I ♥ Frank Sinatra. I also love that old flavor R & B that is kind of cool right now, like Duffy and Adele.

    Top 5 Etsy wish fors ~ Cool beads to make jewelry with. Or those cool flowers you got from the outdoor market in SLC... Anything like that... I trust you! ;)

    Fav snacks ~ Peanut Butter m&m's. Or trail mix (the kind with m&m's lol)

    Fav Spot in my home. In my living room, cuddled up on my comfy couch reading a good book! It's so peaceful in my living room.

    Love you! xoxo

  18. wow... i just found your blog via oh,hello friend... you would be the best pen pal ever! that package is so beautiful!

  19. how pretty! i love a good swap!

  20. so sad to have missed out on your lovely little giveaway! glad to have discovered your blog though...

  21. That's like the best package ever. I'm sure your swap partner loved it.

  22. I just stumbled onto your blog and it's adorable.
    I just had to tell you how darling this package turned out. You are so creative! I'm sure it made her day. Thanks for letting me stop by!