Tuesday, September 1, 2009

baby mine

seven 018 gavin west – month seven

this silly boy is miniature. mini-gavin.
as soon as he saw grandpa this last weekend – he had to pull out his bag of tricks – and start crawling on us.
you should see a mini-gavin crawl. it’s so silly.

this silly boy loves:
carrying around a wooden giraffe puzzle piece. (missing sophie – ya think?)
the japanese rice biscuits we found in seattle.
when i steam him carrots – so he can spit them up – and laugh.
to take two jumbo sized naps during the day – yeah!
long walks on the beach {still reading?}
to play hide-and-seek with lukey.
growwwwwwwwling. still.
& snuggling with me.

lucas would like to add that he’s pretty sure his seven month old mini-gavin said “ZEBRA” last week 
and just yesterday was mastering his “thumbs up” skills. genius!


  1. I think I could eat those cheeks. nom, nom, nom, nom.

  2. Sooo cute that Gavin! Where did time go?

  3. Lindsay, I wish I would have known that you wanted a Phil & Ted's because I got mine for HALF off on Costco.com a few months ago...they sold out in two days. I bought two and sold the other one on Craigslist (helped pay for the one I kept)...I would have sold it to you for what I paid for it! Maybe I shouldn't tell you that now that it's too late!

    Look online for their graffiti line because I think they are phasing them out and that's why they sold them to costco for so cheap.

  4. He's getting so big. I want to take a bite of that adorable dimple every time I see him smile. He's too cute!

    Hooray for 2 (big) naps a day!!

  5. just found your blog and love it.
    it is delightful.
    i have a 7 month old boy as well...my third boy actually.
    i would love to get him a camera onesie like your son is wearing. can you share where you purchased it?
    thanks so much!

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  7. Dear baby Gavin,

    You're growing too fast. What's the hurry?


  8. He looks a lot like baby Lukey in this picture. He's adorable. I love that you do this. And I love you.

  9. Dear Lovely Lindsay,
    First I want to tahnk you for the beautiful tile you gave me when I was in SLC. It sits on my counter and is a reminder of you everyday!! It has taken me until now to figure out that I could post(your mom clued me in).
    I read your blog everyday...even if there is no post...I read anyway. It inspires me and makes me so happy.
    I think about you often...everytime I see a typewriter in fact...trying to find a way to get one to you...sneek it is my bag next time I go to SLC. Or maybe on the plane. It can be my carry on!!! Just wanted to write this note to thank you for making me happy!!
    Blessings, Joanna

  10. Gavi Baby,
    Don't forget about me in your old age. Let's meet in Boise in a few weeks.
    Love Grammy
    Hi Joanna love

  11. mini gavi
    jack wants you to come play.
    ooh he jsut woke up.
    come visit, you're overdue

  12. My little friend. Gavi looks so happy and so cute! When I see you again, Gavi, will you have forgotten your summer friend? Will we need cuddle introductions? (I totally believe Lukey's claim... I'm sure Gavin CAN give a thumbs up and knows how to say zebra.)