Wednesday, September 9, 2009

safe and sound

sophie 011call off the search party!
one sophie the giraffe.
still has all her spots.
still squeaks.
she was hiding up on the plant shelf.
i have a sneaking suspicion that a certain big brother knew this all along.
baby brother and giraffe have been happily reunited. 
sophie is happy as ever to be safely tucked among gavin’s favorite toys.


  1. Happy day. When we moved I found a handful of toys inside the holes of a cinder block. Inside? How'd they get there. Big brothers are so clever.

  2. I'm glad Sophie is safe and sound. Michael is always hiding things....especially his glasses!

  3. HA!
    i know the feeling.
    we have lost sophie in the past as well.
    so happy she still has all her spots!

  4. I'm glad that your sweet little guy and his favorite friend have been reunited.

    Ask Kristin sometime about the things they've found on their plant shelf over their front door ;)

  5. Blasted plant shelves. Who would really put their plants up there anyway? They would be impossible to water. We should call them clutter shelves.

    So happy for baby Gavin.

  6. YAY for safe giraffes! (and for happy gavins, too!) :)