Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a good one

fort 029
the summer of 2009, huh. over? that’s how it started. up there. with lucas in his book tent. {he’s reading russian books by-the-way.} he spent that whole day out there. it’s a little – ok, a lot bitter sweet as i can see just from the above picture how much my boy has changed in just one summer season. back then – on the first day of summer i was determined to do things like that all season long. park ourselves under that book tent and pass my time away with popsicles and that kid.

we only made one book tent.

somebody please hit the brakes. fast.
i know i said that three years old was driving me crazy, just this morning even.  but seriously. somebody. slow this growing kid train down.

lucas got a ride in andrey’s work van today. i followed them to the mechanic. he was thumbs up out the window and big smiles the whole way. seriously the biggest/coolest thing he’d done in all of his three years. could not have been happier - and his dad - could not have been prouder to be driving that beat up, ugly machine down the road with his happy boy. in a quick flash i imagined luc, age fifteen. humiliated. in that beast. a ride to school with his dad. and andrey just wish-wishin’ to take that van ride with lucas, age three again and again and again.
i grew gavin this summer. i mean … well… i know i actually grew-grew him last year but i feel like he finally snuck in and officially became one of my boys in the last three months. during this, the summer of 2009. i know him now. he belongs to us. belongs here with us. and even though i’m still trying to figure out how to wrangle two boys with only one of me during the day - we’re figuring it out. and it’s like this is how it always was.

park day 019 ++++
and the season’s – they go ‘round and ‘round
i’ve got big plans for this fall.   
besides just new socks, longer pants and warmer blankets…
fort 023

love, lin


  1. This is my favorite post....I love it and feel the same way. Time goes by way too fast with these little babies.

    I love that blanket that Gavin is sitting on.

  2. this is the quintessential joys of childhood. so darling. you've won a prize over on my blog! congrats. visit today and find out the details. xo.

  3. they are just so darn cute!
    love their sweet faces and i LOVE the book tent!
    the quilt that gavin is on is beautiful...did you make it?
    {sorry i haven't emailed back...you know how it goes...life sucked my in again, but i am dreaming about fabric enhanced shirts!)}

  4. They both are growing so fast. Don't you wish there was a way to stop time?

    Please add in your list of fall plans...a walk down the road to my house for a visit and a treat. Anytime.

  5. Just take a look at the picture in your blog header. Lukey baby. I long for just 5 minutes with an 8 year old Lindsay girl and her 3 baby sisters, a 'burby full of library books and barbies. Not to forget my boy, I would love one more ride to the Moscow, ID library, me on an old yellow Schwinn and him on back in the toddler seat. Drink up, drink up, it is sooo good.

  6. Man, I miss you.

    And those boys.

    Can't wait to see what you do with your Fall.

    And good job finishing up that blanket. Your binding job looks beautiful. Like everything you do.

  7. Little twinners! So cute lins! They are so big. What sweet boys. Oh, and that is such a darling quilt that baby gav is sitting on... i must get a copy of the pattern from ya. Please? By the way? Did ya ever get my message? I just LOVE that gift I got in the mail! Thanks again!

  8. I'd love time to slow too, and I always have good intentions too, but think about all the other great things you did together. I am sure there are plenty. Your boys are beautiful. I can imagine the cuddles you are getting beautiful mama! (not to mention the wet sloppy kisses - cute!)

  9. Lindsay!
    bummed we didn't get to see each other when I was in town --- I got your text right when we were driving back to Oregon..decided to leave late at night rather than in the morning...anyhoo - I plan on getting myself up there more often...sorry the communication was so shoddy, I was trying to figure out whether or not I should or should not go, then trying to get work off, trying to get in touch with everyone etc. :-p Your boys are soooo cute and I am loving the book tent! xo

  10. I love Luc's fort! It looks so peaceful and lazy and I want to read a book there too!

    That last picture is too cute!

  11. The time flies. Some days it felt like they just need to grow and get a little more independent to make things easier, and then they did and now I wish I could squish them back down to toddler age. Dealing with the household destruction wrought by two little boys at home is so much easier and more fun to deal with then sending them off on that yellow bus, only to have them return with stories of things I am not ready for them to be dealing with. Sigh. Love them and enjoy them. It is tough and wonderful. And yes, you only made one book tent this summer, but you still have this fall, and indoor tents for the winter.