Monday, May 14, 2007


the one and only sweet allyson hill has tagged me with the thinking award! what a sweet surprise when i logged on this morning for my daily blog reads and to find my bloggie mentioned on her site. just to know that she even reads this project of mine is something else...but to know that i maybe make her "think" also?! what's funny is that months ago i ran across her sweet blog while searching for crafty treasures and i was hooked. the adventures she has with her little micah and all the beautiful things that she makes with those hands of hers. i was so impressed with her ability to find beauty in things that other people just might not even notice. so impressed that i decided to start a blog of my own then. not sure who would visit, not sure what i had of any interest to write about... the coolest thing in the world to have found a heart-connection-friend so far a place i've never been...a face i've never really seen. what a relief to know that there really are other crazy crafting creatures out there like me. that just want to be good mothers to their little ones and also share my love of creating beautiful things. so... while allyson tagged hat is off to her.

so the rule if you get tagged is to write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think. i'm so new to this blogging world, that i don't really have anyone to tag. so after pondering all day about people that make me think i've decided that instead i'll tag some of my readers that i'd like to start a blog!

amelia: i would love to read all the pretty little thoughts you have in your head. songs you've written, recipes you've tried, pictures of your lovely little family, books you've read, new things you've put in your house, healthy living facts. i would love it.

amy: oh come on! why must i beg for you to post daily updates of the crazy things that come out of your silly boys mouth! pictures of reno, ideas for and pictures of your baskets, song lists, and concert setlists (after this summer you will be a true groupie). people will google you for Indigo Girls encore info.

jess: you are a beautiful writer. a daily peek inside those pretty brains of yours would be such a treat. you are such a wise/peaceful/thoughtful person. i would be oh so blessed to have daily jessie reads. especially with you so far away... and my cell phone always lost. to know right where to find you when i am wondering of you.

my momma: i think a midwife blog is such a great idea! you could post stories of your births and labor "tricks". secret remedies and sweet calming momma words. you have such a beautiful perspective on life from your place you've found on this planet. share it.

jade.: you just plain old - crack me up. you make me laugh out loud. to read the thoughts that pass through that head of yours. you are a sweet girl. your words would be a gift of love and i would love to know more about you.

so thank you to allyson for making me think...all day! seriously.

i would really love for all of you to start a blog. i love to know you are out there. i'm not sure what i have to say that is really that interesting but i hope that something i write has connected our kite strings to eachother and that you feel safe here. comment away! speaking of comments... i got an itunes gift card for mother's day. it's killing me to know that i have $25 set aside just for downloading music. such a dream!! i have decided to get 25 songs instead of two full cd's. help. i can't decide! tell me your top five songs that you'd pick.
love, lin


  1. songs I would download as of 5/15/07 (subject to change at any time due to my schizophrenia)
    1. River -Indigo Girls from Live 12,000 Curfews (really only ES)
    2. Mayonaise - Smashing Pumpkins
    3. She Talks to Angels - The Black Crowes (not live version though)
    4. Mushaboom - Feist
    5. Helpless - from The Band's Last Waltz feat. Neil Young (but you can't get it on itunes so i'll pick another)
    *5. Lake of Fire - Nirvana unplugged
    signed *Amy

  2. Oh Lindsay, the sweetness! Did you really start blogging because of me? How wonderful! I love what you chose to do with your "tags" and hopefully at least one of those lovely people will start a blog.

    Here are a few of my recent song downloads:

    Amos Lee - Keep it loose, Keep it tight ---and--- Seen it all before.
    Gemma Hayes - 4:35 am
    Mates of State - Running Out