Tuesday, April 17, 2012

design for you | ambrosia girl

my iphone desperately needed a new wallpaper design.
...and then i had an idea.
to gather up some of my favorite blog connections 
and talented graphic designers
to share a bit of their art here with you.  

i'm so excited that jenn kirk of ambrosia creative agreed to participate.
her blog is a daily read of mine. 
i've got a set of her tiny polaroid magnets on my fridge
and some painted geo blocks in the works.
i am so inspired by the way she creatively supports her sweet family.
be sure and give her a visit. 

she's created two wallpaper designs for you.
and they are just so perfect for the spring season that we're in the middle of. 
i'm using them both - one for my lock screen and the other as my main wallpaper.
a little happiness every time my phone rings. 
find her designs along with instructions on how to set them to your phone - HERE.


  1. I love these designs! Thank you! Using them already!

  2. Such a fan of Jenn's work! Love these designs, my phone is so happy!

  3. Love them and so does my phone! Thank you Jenn Kirk and Lindsay!!

  4. this is perfect! thank you so much for posting these. I'm headed to her site now : )

    ps. I REALLY want to make those geo blocks!

  5. Thanks! My phone looks pretty cool now.

  6. This is so attractive post! tell me if you wanna follow each others blog! ;)


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