Thursday, September 8, 2011

a little tom petty in my ears today.

this is exactly how i'd imagined/hoped that back-to-school would be. lucas safely tucked into his classroom down the street and the little boys tucked quietly in their beds for afternoon naps. 
tom petty free fallin'
in my speakers.
it's peaceful and perfect. 
free time. for me. 
i'm thinking i'll dip some apple slices in peanut butter while i catch the premier of the rachel zoe project, again. 
but first! happy news!
finally. finally! this girl has got herself an iPhone.
and i'm in love. 

in love with instagram. 
i knew i would be. 
my profile: (lovely_lindsay)
what's yours?

in love with flipping through pinterest while waiting in the kinder pick-up line. you can follow my pin boards here, too.

and especially in love with designing my own wallpaper for this pretty little gadget of mine. click on that image pattern up there to get one for yourself, too. happy, right?
do you know of any other apps i need? any iPhone tips?
off to watch my show. cross you fingers that i've got at least another hour of naps to enjoy. 
love, lin


  1. Its used as my lock screen! I love it! Wouldn't mind seeing more of these in the future. :o) For as much as I glance at my little device throughout the day it is always using some refreshing.

  2. I wonder if I can use this for my iPad. no iPhone yet...

    I too am in love with instagram. and picnic. finally have pics on my blog that are not blah. :)

    i set my family blog to private. I'll send you an invite, just in case you do stalk me every once in a while.

  3. Hip hip hooray!
    Original Lindsay art for my phone.
    I am a happy girl.

    Keep em coming ;)

  4. 8mm vintage camera (app) it makes the best vintage videos. Crackling and all.

  5. Just yesterday I was hoping to come across a new wallpaper for my iPhone. Thank you, thank you!

  6. I love this Lin! Just the perfect little thing to brighten my day.

  7. Impatiently waiting for the next 6 months of my contract to roll by, so I can finally get an iPhone. Did I mention impatiently? ;)

    LOVE the wallpaper!

  8. Such a fun & happy wallpaper, thank you, thank you for sharing!

    And one of my all time favorite iPhone tricks: Hold down the home button and press the power button to take a screen shot/picture of whatever image you're currently looking at. It's super handy!

  9. i, too, just entered the world of the iphone. it really is tremendous, isn't it?!

    (i am following you on instagram now. isn't it fun?)

    i love words with friends (even though i'm not so good) and heytell is fun (it's basically sending a vocal text) and i have begun the twitter.

    and thanks for the wallpaper!

    i love your blog... we share a deep and abiding love for the indigo girls.