Monday, September 19, 2011

this week:

i love when i have a calendar full of the best things to look forward to. 
makes for a much happier monday morning. and i'm about to fill up yours, too...
this tuesday you'll find me out on the columbia river soaking in the sweet sounds of the beautiful sarah sample and her guitar. marilyn is doing her very best to bring good music to the tri-cities and this show is sure to send me home happy and anxious for the next. i'm leaving the babes home with andrey and a pizza, so that i can enjoy the evening. i'll be out under the sliver of moon, singin' born to fly. wanna come? let's go together. get your ticket here. hurry!

and thank you to my dear friend, marilyn for trusting my art/heart. the time spent designing this poster for the show was a much needed creative purge. i loved it.

i'm going to make gavi a quilt.
for his own space. 
this dandee post and that quilt got stuck in my brains 
and i've got a pinterest board full of inspiration.
...that's as far as i've gotten. 
kristin has her colors picked, but no plan.
solution: girl's night. my house. with experts on hand. 
this thursday. please come! 
email me if you need directions.
happy monday, friends!
love, lin

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  1. if i were your neighbor...

    this is what I'm in the middle of right now:

    I hope you get a good turn out for that quilting bee...its a dying past-time, for sure.