Wednesday, April 11, 2012

six! | the party

the night before luc's party he checked the forecasted weather every ten minutes. not joking. 
it called for not just rain but a thunderstorm the following day. we crossed our fingers and my boy said quite a few little prayers - that his friends would still be able to bring their bikes. 
in the morning we made the executive decision to switch the party from the church parking lot to our home - just in case. 

it was gloomy and drizzly before the party. 
bright and sunny for the few hours during the party.
and the storm clouds rolled in right after the party.
how's that for answered little boy prayers?!

as his friends arrived - they each found a parking cone in our living room to park their bikes - pop the kickstand and get to work. each station had a pile of supplies for decorating their bicycles and getting them ready to race!

our local trophy shop had a stash of old cycling trophies and kindly donated them to us. my husband and i spray painted the trophies to match the party. after cruising the neighborhood bike trail - the boys came back to the house and were presented with their BIG, bright neon trophies.  they each took turns standing on the first place podium for a picture and congratulating each other on their speed. it was the best part. they were so proud of their trophies! 

we then rounded everyone up and went back inside to fill their personalized bike bottles up at the fill station/gatorade stand and sang a little happy birthday over neon cake push-pops. All the boys went home with personalized bike bottles, some treats and a bike pin from lee + latimer. 

party success. 
and my party boy? such a happy six-year-old!

push pop containers found here.

*thank you, k. andelin for snapping some of these pictures for us!*


  1. cake push-pops?! i want to turn six at your house :)

    happy birthday, lucas!!

  2. this party rules! the invites are incredible too. good work.

  3. Lucas has such a rad mom. Looks like a fantastic party!

  4. Looks like an awesome party! Thanks for featuring my bike pin!

  5. awesome party! the cake push-pops are very cool. Where did you get the tubes?

  6. lucky lucas to have a very creative mom!
    happy 6th to the birthday boy.

  7. So cute! What a lovely party.

  8. Brilliant! I have been looking for ideas for my Lukas (turning 5 in June). This is right up our alley. Thanks for the inspiration!