Monday, April 23, 2012

these are the places i will always go...

Come And Find Me (Acoustic) by Josh Ritter on Grooveshark

...though i'm here in this far off place
my air is not this time and space.

i invited bri over on friday.
i needed her help with an important gift.
i pulled out all the ingredients.
my prettiest utensils and fanciest spice jars.
brought them all over to my kitchen table.
turned the blinds and let the sunshine flood my space.
i let briana control my pandora station.
first: come and find me 
i am clumsy in the kitchen - but i measured so carefully this time.
poured the salt in my hand and felt it slip through my fingertips.
i got flour on my shirt. on my pants. even my shoes. 
i hummed through star mile.
whispered along to down in the valley.
the recipe went quick. 
it was in the oven before i knew it...
so we painted ferns onto a piece of the softest linen.
my hair fell in my face. i cried. 
and felt my heavy heart beat along to broken chair.
the oven timer rang.
we ran a tiny sharp knife through the warm shortbread.
tenderly wrapped it up in our linen.
and tied it closed with a cotton thread.
i snitched some of the left over crumbs - let them melt on my tongue. 
i tasted the salt. 
the butter.
the sugary bits. 
she played me one more before heading off.
thomas newman's any other name 
she had lot's of places to be this weekend.
i am so grateful that she spent a moment with me.

photo of briana by alisha stamper


  1. What a beautiful tribute. I'm not sure how I found you, but I just love your writing and felt compelled to let you know this post, and your references to such lovely songs, really touched me this morning.
    I'm hoping that your therapeutic baking session dedicated to your friend's beautiful memory gave you some lasting peace.

  2. Your words and photos are so full of love and light and remembering, so happy to see them today. I'm also happy you were able to spend some time with Bri. Yesterday was such a sweet, tender day, and I wish I could have spent it with all the people who loved her most.

    P.S. The gift you made for Cathy is beautiful - I can't wait to see it in person. XO