Thursday, April 12, 2012

be more.

spring should be here. it keeps tricking me with a little peek of sunshine everyday. quickly challenged by moody and mean clouds and that annoying tri-town wind. oh, but when it does show itself! it's so so good to me. there is a direct correlation between the sun shining and the state of my being. 

the sunshine this week has meant family bike rides. and tonight we went further than we've ever gone. it was the perfect adventure that tonights cloud-break was calling for.  

when i am on my pretty blue bike - i am happy. happy enough that i notice. and that is such sweet relief from having 'tired' as my only recognizable emotion. i rode behind lukey for a mile of our ride. his turn as the family leader and something about watching him pedal-pedal-pedal in from of me (those bright green shoes, that red levi's tab and the yellow helmet perfectly snug on his head) made me feel so immensely happy that i can't even describe it. a combination of fresh air, my body moving, and the fact that that colorful, happy boy was mine...


  1. that's happy. i can't wait to see you and your boys. you're gonna get skinny from all that bike riding!

  2. another pretty Lin post.

    I'm still waiting patiently for your birthday party pics and posts :)