Monday, February 28, 2011

PROJECT: craft - Spring Edition

as soon as we wrapped up PROJECT: craft last fall, dandee and i were already scheming and dreaming up ideas for round two.  and here it is!  just in time to welcome in spring.  dust off the dull of winter, dig through your unfinished projects and join us at Greenies!  there are promises of bright colors, happy treats and hopefully lot’s of new friends.  get your ticket
here today!

love, lindsay


  1. I would LOVE to come to this! It's right up my alley and the one you guys did last time looked like sooo much fun! Unfortunatly, my daughter is getting baptized early that same evening so we'll be busy with that awesome event. If you guys do one again, I will so be there!!! Good luck with all the planning and I look forward to seeing some pictures!