Sunday, February 6, 2011

go gavin go

andrey and i stayed up soooooooo late the night before gavin’s birthday. he listened to russian rock through his headphones while i hummed songs from gavi’s birth playlist. and we folded and folded and folded.

gavin’s favorite things right now: trucks and trains and planes.

we folded a gazillion paper airplanes. from the torn pages of a giant road atlas. then we quietly strung them from the ceiling with fishing wire while gavin slept.

gavi flies 001

boy woke up on his birthday morn in amazement. his wonder was pure and real. and we loved it. this day belonged to him and he knew it. his day also included a morning coffee run with dad, a trip to the party store to pick out map colored balloons (pale green, mellow yellow, bright red, peach and sea blue.) there was CARS movie watching as a family and even a good snuggle or two. lucas and i hid in the studio to wrap gifts while gavin tried to sneak peeks through the crack under the door. there was sitting on counters and chocolate-cream-cheese-frosting spatula licks. cousins over to party and surprise packages to open. it was such a happy day.

gavi flies 005gavi flies 003gavi flies 007

he blew out the candles and it all became official. boy turned two.
wonder what he wished for. i’m gonna ask him someday.

gavi flies 002


  1. soooooo sweet. seriously. great post. happy birthday gavin!! xx

  2. love, love, love maps and this is a great party decoration. happy year two, gavin.

  3. This post makes me smile from ear to ear. What a magical day for Gavin!

  4. The maps and airplanes are such a clever idea, Lin. And your photos are AMAZING! So happy Gavin had a happy day.

  5. Happy Birthday to Gavin! I love that Andre stayed up with you to fold those darling planes. You guys are awesome. Love you!

  6. I've always wanted to re-decorate one of my kids room while they were sleeping just to see their amazement in the morning. The airplanes seems way more do-able!!

    What an amazing idea. So glad he loved it.

  7. WHERE do you come up with this stuff?!

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  9. I found your blog through dandee. Love love love it! The airplanes are just too cute for words!

  10. Those little cake toppers are so so sweet, great idea! I hope Gavin had a lovely day, very nice blog.xxxxx