Monday, February 21, 2011

choose to let in the light

after a trying day of chasing boys through chapels with my sweet husband yesterday, i finally curled up for the night in my comfy bed to flip through my phone. i spotted this on twitter:

dandeedesigns: feeling edified this sunny sabbath day.

and it’s exactly how i was feeling. that even though i had spent most of the afternoon in the mother’s lounge and the church foyer, the spirit had found me and fed my soul. the day had not been without it’s own tender quiet moments. the messages that needed to reach us had been heard. my heart was full.


while in utah this last time marilyn had arranged for us to see a show. (of course she did, right?!)among the artists we heard that night were scott wiley, paul jacobsen and pat campbell. all members of ‘the lower lights.’ and in a teeny tiny auditorium that evening, we were moved by their music. that familiar feeling where my heart begins to swell and thump-thump-thump and my eyes fill to the brim.
and of course, marilyn was determined to bring that same feeling home with her. connections were made and dates were set. ‘the lower lights’ are coming here. and in the teeny tiny town of burbank you can join us in their magic. don’t miss this.
i’m bringing my little lucas. he’s going to love the instruments. and i’m bringing my sweet husband. so he can feel it, too.

the lower lights
my favorite? come, ye children of the lord. a little chuckle then 1..2..3..4.. followed by the quiet strumming of guitars and such. “oh what songs we then will sing…”

she’s giving away a few tickets here if you’ll help to spread the word. we’re running out of time to fill all of the seats. but really, you should just purchase up a couple of tickets here and join us. grab an extra for your neighbor, too. then let me know so that i can save you a seat. i’d love to meet you there.
love, lin


  1. Oh hubby and I need a getaway. I just checked airfare...too high. Boo again. That show is going to be amazing. I just know it.

  2. Thank you Lin, for your words like poetry. And for your support. And friendship. I love you.