Saturday, February 26, 2011

baby mine.

  charlie four 006well hello there, charlie grey – month four
first rock ‘n roll show: josh ritter.
in portland. no camera.
every detail tucked safely away under ‘happy’ in my brain-bins.
ace hotel RM 220: magic.
canvas, metal, wood, wax, poetry, music, feathers, the key, the snow!
will never forget:
during that song
his dance was rocking you – to sleep.
all lights out. just an unplugged guitar.
you in that hat and those stripey pants
being held by my ‘good man


  1. Oh, Charlie Peace Baby!
    You are soooo cute!
    You will be almost 6 months old before I get my hands on you again. I miss you!

  2. what a great picture! I love that you can see the baby drool on his chin. so sweet.

  3. i love that charlie gets to say josh ritter was his first concert. lucky.
    i was just thinking about the first concert we took lucas and cameron to....

  4. He looks like me!